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Understanding Used Medical Equipment

When you’re searching for used medical equipment, it’s okay to ask your source some questions to ensure that they are valid and legitimate. Asking them the right questions will lead you into the best results.

Here are some questions that you should ask:
  1. What is your current budget and needs? Do you think it is worth enough to pay more for extra features that will help you serve a wider range of patients?
  2. Does your equipment have a warranty included with it? Will the warranty provider give you loaner equipment to prevent downtime while getting your equipment repaired?
  3. Are you getting the equipment from a reputable supplier? - If possible, make sure you can get your medical equipment from someone that is medically registered within your area. This ensures that the tools you're getting are authentic and will get the job done.
  4. How does this purchase place your health clinic in the future? For instance, are you buying the equipment to fulfill a temporary need? Or are you trying to expand your services that you can provide to your patients?
  5. Will your supplier assist you with the proper installation and delivery of the equipment? Is it an extra charge for this service?

Remanufactured or Used?

Remanufactured equipment is an alternative than buying it used, and this is an option that most professional health facilities don't consider. A good remanufacturing can help correct the current issues in your equipment and will then add some important updates on the engineering. By doing it, it positions you and your business to handle the challenges that will occur during the future.

Also, remanufacturing is less expansive than buying it used. You'll benefit by having a machine in close to new condition that your staff is already trained to used.

What Can You Do With Your Old Medical Equipment?

Donate To A Charitable Organization

Donating your medical equipment to a charity is a great option. Through donations, you won't be paid for your device directly, but you can get a receipt for it which can make you eligible for tax deductions during April.

By doing donations, the receipt shows the current value of your equipment, which is usually more than you'll get during a private sale. And another important benefit of doing this donation is by helping another family in need.

Resell Your Used Medical Equipment

If you're trying to get some cash or recoup on your previous expenses, its best to resell your medical equipment. Most companies will give you a buy back policies, will be unable to buy your medical tools. Plus, companies don't want to take the liability of reselling your medical equipment due to the safety and health risks involved.

For instance, having a used hospital bed could have been used by a sick patient that passed away. The bed could go to a new home, and the new owner receives the sickness as well. At this point, the company that sold the product is now liable for the damages.

Because of this reason, you need to take serious consideration when getting certain forms of medical equipment, especially if they’re a private seller.


With used medical equipment, you can start your medical clinic from scratch or get cheap materials to help serve future patients. No matter what you choose, you have to make sure that it's from a reliable and trustworthy source. Do so to continue having regular patients and continued business within your medical practice.