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WebDo Review - A Free Website Design Solution

If you’re looking for a free website design solution which also takes care of all the technical aspects, such as hosting, domains, and more, then Webdo.com might be what you need.

Today we’ll take an in-depth look of the WebDo platform - a recently launched Cloud website builder. We’ll analyse its features and see what it has to offer especially for those of you who are just starting their online business and prefer a free hosting solution until the business grows.

How Can a Website Builder Help You?

Firstly, let us start by explaining what a website builder is and how it can help you.

A website builder software is a tool that helps people build websites for free or very affordable costs, with no coding knowledge required and no design skills whatsoever. They usually offer intuitive dashboards and the process of building a website is simple, like dragging and dropping elements on a page.

Hosting and website management are usually included in the packages, alongside other cool features which differ from platform to platform.

Website builders can help you quickly, easily and cheaply build your website and launch it online in a matter of minutes, taking away from you the responsibility of finding a designer, developer or even a hosting company. Everything is included.

What Does a Free Website Design Solution Have to Offer?

WebDo is a free website design platform that comes with all the designer tools you need in order to create responsive websites with no coding knowledge required.

It has an intuitive drag and drop interface, with hundreds of pre-made element blocks which you can use to build your website. Editing the content is also easy, with just a few clicks and you’ll be able to change texts, images, fonts and colours.

Moreover, it comes integrated with some rally cool apps, which can be accessed from the same WebDo account. This will cut your online marketing costs tremendously, as these are included in both the free plan (trial version) and paid Pro plan (at just $24/month).

WebDo free plan includes the following: 30-day trial for the newsletter, survey and eDetailing apps, unrestricted access to the website builder, file management, a web email client, contacts management, application integration with your website, up to 3 hosted websites with 2 Gb storage space and 2Gb bandwidth allocation.

The Pro plan includes all the previous features, but with full access to all the developed WebDo apps (more added in the future), hosting for up to 50 websites, 100Gb storage space, 30 email accounts and 40Gb bandwidth.

Why Should You Choose a Free Website Design Solution?

The price is the most important element here – it’s FREE! If you don’t have the budget to hire a web design company, which would ask you for a couple thousands dollars, then a website builder is most likely what you need in order to have a beautiful website launched fast and without a hassle.

The great part is that you can start with no costs, and once your online presence grows, you can upgrade to a very affordable paid plan with just a couple of clicks. Website security, hosting, domain purchasing, and other technical aspects of your site will all be taken care of by the platform you choose.

So, what do you think about website builders?

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