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7 Easy Steps to Make Money from Facebook

Facebook is the most lucrative social media platform, with over 2.6 billion users worldwide. Marketers love Facebook as there is an available audience base for any product or service you cater to. Besides the social aspect, Facebook has proven itself to be a great tool for promoting businesses and boosting sales.

Leaving businesses aside, Facebook also has a lot to offer to independent bloggers, freelancers, and budding digital enthusiasts. How about considering your passion for Facebook to generate a side income or even earning full-time revenue?

Few Ideas For Earning Money Through Facebook

There are many ways in which you can use this social media platform to your advantage. There is no fixed rulebook that gives you a sure-shot way of going about creating wealth from Facebook. However, Facebook is open to experimentation. By being creative and observant, anyone can earn some extra money through Facebook. Wear your thinking hats and read through the blog to get into the momentum.

#1 Monetize your Facebook page

You must be wondering why people spend so much time and effort on Facebook pages and keeping it regularly updated. Well, that's because a simple Facebook page can help you earn good bucks. Firstly start-off by deciding what your Facebook page would be all about. We suggest catering to a particular niche and choosing a vertical that you are rather good at. Food, travel, technology, fashion, gaming, pet care are a few examples of pages that people create for the enthused audiences. It's now time to create interesting content and publish it on the Facebook page for which you may require online movie maker tools.

To grow your page organically, you need to curate content that intrigues Facebookers and compels them to follow you for similar updates. The process of earning 'followers' does not happen overnight, though. Once you have collected a decent targeted follower base on your Facebook page, you may be approached by brands in a similar business and pay you for featuring their brand on your Facebook page. Collaborating with brands is an excellent way to earn revenue. Facebook pages also earn money through affiliate marketing. Famous brands like amazon are up for affiliation with pro Facebookers who have the know-how and dedicated time to grow the affiliate page on Facebook.

#2 Earn through Facebook Ads

If you take a special interest in creating videos and are good at it, then Facebook throws an opportunity right at you. Create a Facebook page for publishing all the video content that you generate. The content could be anything like DIY videos or explainer videos that educate the audiences. Give Facebook permission to monetize your videos by running third-party online Facebook video Ads on your videos. But before you can start earning money, you need to do some work. Your page needs to have collected at least 10,000 followers, and your videos should have over 30,000 viewers that have streamed around one minute of content. The minimum length of each video you publish must be three minutes or longer.

#3 Sell products on Facebook directly to earn money

You must have noticed an 'offers' section on your Facebook pages. This section allows page owners to make an offer, or in simple words, advertise a product for sale, along with its offer price. To make your appeal interesting, add coupon codes, give exclusive discounts to followers, and accept special bulk orders. Depending upon your page's popularity, brands may ask you to sell their product via your Facebook page and give you a commission on every sale.

#4 Earn via the Facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace is much like a virtual market where buyers and sellers come together to benefit themselves. Millions of retailers reach out to their customers on the Facebook marketplace, allowing their customers to shop from home comfortably. It is convenient for users to filter out & compare products by category, price range, and location before purchasing. This is a great place to connect with local wholesale suppliers to get a cheap deal from them and sell it to the consumer by adding your percentage premium.

#5 Become a Facebook Influencer to make money

If you are a digital sensation, use your popularity to earn money from Facebook. An influencer is often looked-upon by many with admiration. Thus, your fans will be more than happy to try out the product or service you recommend via your personal Facebook page. Many influencers are paid decently and asked to talk about their experience of using a product introduced in the market. In this way, brands can get access to millions of trustworthy audiences who follow the influencer's page on Facebook and spread a word about their products. This form of advertising is fun, engaging, impactful, and benefits all the stakeholders involved. Influencers who are self-sufficient in video production and have decent editing skills, develop the know-how to use various online tools like video editor for Mac. This will most likely help them earn an edge over other freelance influencers. Being an influencer, you can also sponsor online Facebook Ads to earn more followers.

#6 Use Facebook Groups to your monetary advantage

Facebook users often follow a number of groups to be actively involved with the ongoing discussions and topics of their interest. Facebook groups bring like-minded people together to discuss, get answers to queries, and share experiences. This virtual community has the potential of contributing to a sizable business. If you are an admin of a group and have attracted the right target audiences to be a part of your group, no one can stop you from making a buck. Marketers connect with group admins and pay to publish their product posts on the group. Admins can fix the 'per post' amount and allocate days on which advertising is permitted on the group. The group shouldn't solely become an advertising portal and should maintain its agenda of connecting people.

#7 Make a buck by creating Facebook Apps

If you have hands-on experience in creating Apps, then use this skill to your advantage. You can design apps for a particular database or defined audience on Facebook. Get your app approved and run third-party banner ads on the app to earn money. If your app is unique and addresses an unattended issue, then you may earn yourself a buyer who wishes to purchase the app. This could make you an independent freelance app developer with the potential of earning handsome money for your efforts.


We have seen how you can use Facebook to your advantage and make money in many different ways. However, all good things take time and persistent efforts. It takes time to build a considerable image on Facebook, and if you are patient enough to follow-through, you will be rewarded eventually.