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Air Purifiers & Smoke Eaters for Smokers

Do you own a club that allows smoking, or do you have a bar seating at home? It is not unusual that people often come out of that place carrying the smell of smoke in tier hair, clothes, and skin. In such cases, installing a commercial air purifier also known as Smoke Eater is a very good option as the customers will not drive away by the smell of smoke, rather, they will enjoy a clean environment of the club.

Air Purifiers and Smoke eaters are used to purify the air which is heavy in smoke and provides a clean and comfortable environment for people. They are available for a wide variety of smoke-producing products such as cigarettes or cigars which can increase the intensity of smoke in the environment, especially in closed spaces. Hence, these Smoke Eaters can be installed in a bar, club, lounge, or even a home bar seating.

Which Purifier Suits You?

There are innumerable Smoke eaters available but choosing the right one as per your requirements is very crucial to gain an effective result. Let us see what all factors come into picture while choosing for the right air purifier
  1. HEPA Filters – If you want a hassle-free filter replacement, purifiers with HEPA filters are the best choice.
  2. Electrostatic – These filters are not needed to be replaced, they can be just pulled out of the unit, washed, cleaned and reinstalled back
  3. Smoke Eaters – This is the right choice for an environment containing carbon such as bars and clubs. It removes any type of smoke and gases or odor generated from it. The heavier their activated carbon fibers are, the better it works in purifying the air.
  4. Room Size – The size of the filter/purifier should be taken into consideration by keeping the room size in mind. A filter should clean the air at least 3 times per hour. Hence, bigger rooms require a better CADR ( Clean Air Delivery Rate), this ensures that in a bigger room the rate of purifying the air is faster than a smaller room

Types of Smoke Eaters

Ceiling Mounted

These Smoke eaters can be tied into the ventilation system and provided the needed air purification. Hence these can be used in commercial spaces like restaurants, bars, clubs, and casinos. One such purifier is MiracleAir CM-12 Ceiling Mount Commercial Smoke Eater. It requires low maintenance and hence incurs minimum upkeep costs, provides 850 sqft of coverage, and have 95% efficiency in purifying the air.


This category is best for smaller places like home or small office space as it does not require much effort of installation or integration with a ventilation system. The benefit of these purifiers is a dedicated fan that has enough power to push through dense carbon filters that effectively removes smoke small. One such purifier in this category is Blue OX 1100 High-Performance Smoke Eater. Its easy plug and play, low maintenance, small in size, powerful as it purifies 5% of air and produces sounds as low as 48 decibels.


Another category for commercial use of smoke eaters is concealed, it doesn’t look huge and can be easily kept out of plain sight. Smokemaster X-11Q Commercial Smoke Eater (Flush Mount) is the right example of It with easy installation and 360-degree airflow.

Air Filters are extremely crucial in a smoke intense environment. Clean air in such spaces gives relief to both smokers and non-smokers. So choose your Smoke Eater carefully by evaluating its affordability, maintenance cost, electricity cost, design consideration, operation noise, and warranty.