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4 Must-Use Privacy Tools To Become Untraceable

“I’m a decent person, but I have something to hide” - that is, probably, the expression which describes each of us.

The researches show that most of the people do protect themselves on the Internet by combining internal censorship (not sharing undue content) and tech means installing browser ad-blocking and anti-tracking extensions. But what if you could share any content you like and speak up freely? You can, using the following privacy tools.

Best Privacy Tools

1. VPN

VPN is a generic term for technologies that provide one or more network connections (logical network) over another network (for example, the Internet).

Using a VPN will not preserve the anonymity of your web browsing habits and will not add extra security to insecure (HTTP) traffic. However, if you are looking for extra privacy with your Internet service provider, on a public Wi-Fi network, or while torrenting files, VPN may be a suitable solution for you.

Examples: Nordvpn, Proton VPN, Mullvad.

2. Utopia P2P Ecosystem

It’s an enclosed ecosystem with decentralized peer-to-peer network architecture. It applies the multilayer encryption, including AES (256-bit) and Elliptic Curve. The ecosystem integrates email service, instant messenger, file transfer, browser for surfing the websites created within the ecosystem, e-wallet (transactions are made in Crypton - Utopia cryptocurrency).

In addition, the registration there is anonymous (without phone numbers and other personal info.) Utopia is capable of replacing all the mentioned in this article tools; that’s why it’s considered the most cutting-edge solution.

3. Tor

It is a free traffic anonymization software. Tor provides reliable and free anonymization, protecting the user from surveillance, both for visitors to a particular site and for all user activity. When the user transfers the data, the Tor program hides both their real destination and the data itself, transferring the data in encrypted form through a chain of intermediate network nodes.

Despite the high degree of anonymization, the Tor network has a drawback - slow operation. Indeed, to work with the Tor network effectively, you must have a very high-speed Internet. But even then, connecting to sites through some chains of anonymous servers takes a very long time.

4. I2P

I2P is an anonymizing network that provides applications with a simple programming interface for secure communication. All transmitted data is encrypted in several layers, and the network is both decentralized and dynamic, without the use of elements that would need to be trusted in absentia. There are many apps running through I2P, including email clients, P2P clients, IRC clients, and more.

I2P is an attempt to create a secure decentralized confidential network with short response time and the properties of autonomy, fault tolerance and scalability. Just like in Utopia case, decentralization, encryption and confidentiality - these are the principles on which I2P is built.

What to Choose?

It depends on the aims you pursue. Don’t hurry, carefully study the information. If you are looking for convenience and reliability, your choice is Utopia. If you are looking for simple anonymization, VPN is what you need. More complicated options - I2P and Tor.