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5 Essential Tools that You Need to Build Your Business

Building a business from the scratches is a tough and time-consuming job for a large majority of people. You have to consider multiple factors to make your products or solutions at the most useful and affordable form for your customers. The most important factor for your business success is effective utilization of latest technology – which a significant percentage of people fail to understand the importance. You have to depend on a number of modern tools to make your entrepreneurial journey a big success. Let’s discuss some of the most useful tools in a business environment that can make your business operations and growth strategy implementation easier and efficient.

1. Google Analytics

When it comes to online marketing, you can’t avoid this great tool at any cost. It gives you a hell lot of data, information, and insights about your industry to shape your campaigns more efficiently. Even if you employ specialists in digital marketing to take care of your campaign, it is always great to learn the tool. It can make your campaigns more scalable, and you can evaluate the progress of your campaigns independently, on a regular basis. Also, as much as the time you invest in the tool as part of your campaign, you would get more valuable information including customer behavior, their diverse needs, local preferences, and more.

2. CRM Tools

Customer Relationship Management, shortly known as CRM, tools are your primary choice for sales and promotion efforts for the existing customers. It is useful for you to track your sales leads, develop strategies to serve customers in the best profitable way, organize existing customers, and more. While there are many CRM tools available in the market, you have to choose a CRM development company that offer seamless customer management. It should have options to track the purchase and interaction history of customers, data analysis options to understand critical metrics, predictive insights to help with marketing efforts, and more.

3. Email Marketing Tools

Recent years saw a surge in email marketing primarily due to the advancement of AI and personalized campaigns. Do you know that email marketing is preferred by more than 60% of the digital marketers over social media campaigns? The email campaigns also have better engagement and stronger conversion rates over social media marketing. Many email marketing tools are available in the market that can automate your campaigns. Some of the most popular tools in the email marketing ecosystem are Constant Contact, Drip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and more. You compare the features based on your needs, affordability, and support, and choose your tool for campaigns.

4. Optimizely

When you design an online store, you have to test the pages and functionalities to ensure best results from it. It includes testing various features and functionalities, layout, brand message, slogans, navigation, customized content based on visitors, efficient search results, and more. For such tests, you can use Optimizely, the most popular tool in the category, to conduct A/B testing and make your online store better and efficient, bypassing prolonged engineering cycles. The tool also provides valuable recommendations instantly to make your online store more responsive to the needs of the customers. Interestingly, you can also use the tool to make your marketing campaigns more efficient with better scalable outcomes.

5. Branding Tools

Branding became an essential part of successful business ventures in the recent years. Irrespective of large or small businesses, branding makes people identifying the business better, and that means more business and reputation. If you think that branding is an expensive addition for your business, the technology has made it almost free for you in the recent years. A few branding suits are available online that come up with business logo maker tools, social posts, business cards, social covers, Facebook ads, seasonal logos, and more to make your brand journey comprehensive and uniform. It is the door for you to experience the power of branding.


The advancement of technology has given numerous opportunities to run businesses more efficient and cost-effective. True entrepreneurs identify such opportunities, assess those potential, and use them to provide unique service to their customers. Be an early bird to catch the fish.