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Utopia P2P Ecosystem Is Your Proven Way To Safety!

Internet security and privacy are the hottest themes of 2019. The endless rise of cybercrime, data breaches, and improper data tracking cases have already made Internet users worry about online security.

Meet the system that can provide a decent degree of protection for all without exception - Utopia P2P ecosystem.

Utopia is a revolutionary enclosed decentralized ecosystem, which has all the necessary tools to work in the network. A team of highly qualified specialists worked on the creation of the ecosystem for 5 years! During this time, they managed to create a truly unique system that can protect you from interference in your personal life from the outside!

Utopia P2P ecosystem is a completely new approach to encrypting and storing data on the Internet. Utopia uses multilayer data encryption: the Elliptical Curve 25519, which has extremely high processing speed, also 256-bit AES, which encrypts your local storage data.

In addition, the peer-to-peer architecture assumes that there is no central service on which all data is stored. Each user is both a client and a server. Eliminating the central server ensures that third parties will not be able to obtain data that can be used against you. Access to all data gives a specially-generated key for each user, which is awarded to the person at the registration stage.

An important advantage of Utopia is that its use is completely anonymous. When registering, the user does not need to enter his personal data. When working in the system, he visits websites, conducts correspondence, pays and receives payments anonymously. Thus, all necessary security measures are observed to preserve the anonymous use of the ecosystem.

Crazy Possibilities Of Utopia P2P Ecosystem

Utopia is a multifunctional enclosed ecosystem, which has a wide range of tools for work in the network.

Instant Messenger

Secure messenger provides the user with everything necessary to exchange messages, photos, videos, and audio files. Besides, it is possible to create group chats, as well as add geodata.


Convenient file sharing service that allows you to send and receive files of any format. With it, you can share the necessary files and documents, as well as confidential data with colleagues.

Browser Idyll

You can visit all the websites created in the system, so you do not need to leave it. Also, it is possible to create and add sites yourself.


A specially created electronic wallet that stores the system's cryptocurrency enables the user to conduct banking operations. A user can receive or make payments without adding details and completely anonymously. In addition, for each 15-minute session in Utopia, the user receives a cryptocurrency, which can then be used.

Mining Rig

The process of earning cryptocurrency can be accelerated using mining, which is also built-in.

Multiplayer games

The entertainment side of the system provides the ability to create a variety of games that can then be played. Besides, you can select the necessary ones in the already created offer catalog.

User-friendly interface

Depending on the tastes of the user, you can change the design of the system: choose other themes or create your own.

Above all, developers are always ready to hear your ideas on adding new useful tools to expand the functionality of the ecosystem.

Start From This Moment!

For the BETA-testing of the system, about 1000 beta-testers were invited. They were the first who could appreciate all the advantages of the service. The testing period has lasted about 3 months and currently is coming to an end. During all this time, the developers have eliminated all the shortcomings of the system, and now it is completely ready for the official launch.

Enjoy all the benefits of using Utopia on October 4, 2019! Be confident in the future and protected from all sides. Choose only a proven security method.