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Internet of Things Improving Supply Chain in Hyper-connectivity Age

All around us we see people and things being digitally interconnected to each other. This 24X7 connectivity of inter-connected devices is called “Hyper connectivity”. We all are witnessing this era of smooth connectivity is having insightful implications on our lifestyle and soon it will be a vital part of our daily lives. From the jobs we do; to pills we take; this Hyper connected epoch, called the “Internet of Things” will be an ever growing movement.

So what IoT could mean to manufacturers who are using business process enablement tools like RFID, GPS, warehouse management system, labour management system, load optimization, transportation management system, and track and trace optimization, etc.?

Smart Manufacturing can have enhanced industrial applications by inculcating IoT in processes of network control and management of manufacturing equipment, manufacturing process or asset and situation management. These intelligent systems with the help of networking machinery, control systems and sensors will take supply chain management process to a greater perfection. There will be a greater field of view to know dynamic response of product demands and hence optimization of manufacturing and supply chain networks.

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Imbibing Internet of Things in control systems will automate processes, controls, service information system and operator tools and also have healthier safety and security systems. Further tools like predictive maintenance, reliability maximization and statistical evaluation makes the process of asset management a stronger process. Real-time energy optimization can be enabled by integrating Smart Grid with smart industrial management systems. A large number of networked sensors can provide functions like Health and safety management, plant optimization, measurements and automated controls.

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Logistics companies have given up paper-work rather they have adopted mobile devices as their primary processes as delivery drivers. In addition of seamless processes, these hand held devices saves cost while dynamically locating the packer and the package.

Logistics infrastructure can include Internet of Things in its various processes, let us browse a few of them.
  1. Track: By “Track” we mean various road, railways, canals, air, and other means of transportation or the regular route being equipped with sensors to make them intelligent and networked. Intelligence is starting to be built into roadways, railways, runways, canals/locks, and other transportation points.
  2. Vehicles: Vehicles are most vital part of a logistics chain and embedding them with sensors, processors and wireless connectivity improves logistics process to a greater extent.
  3. Sites— Sites include all touch points of a cargo journey including distribution centres, ports, yards, warehouses, consolidation/deconsolidation centres and equipping them with internet will give a wider view of warehouse and logistics management.
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Hyper-connection in the world of Logistics and Supply chain management will bring a change in having a stable Demand Supply Chain.

Also, IoT have incredible potential to lead logistics in a better evolved and innovative way. In order to bring this change, companies have to change their perspective and long running standards while adapting new online paradigm and business dynamics.