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Stream Anything on TV from Mac - JustStream

What are the odds of a TV screen, being compatible with your Macbook, if you become a part of a presentation last minute? Generally, the chances are very slim, and we might be at risk of not being able to present our content at all. With JustStream, we get the full utility to connect our devices on the nearest screen without any prior arrangements.

About JustStream

JustStream is an extremely smart app which allows mirroring of MacBook to TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and even your local network. This eliminates the requirement of any prior setup, complicated configurations, additional hardware support or wires running around your space. So whether you are doing a small presentation with colleagues or a huge audience connect, this tool comes in quite handy to solve all screen mirroring concerns related to Mac.


JustStream supports all the major television brands including Samsung, LG, Sony, Roku, Panasonic and others which are DLNA certified devices. Speaking of media file types, JustStream supports all popular formats, .avi, .flv, .mvkv,.mp4, etc. For the ones which are not supported, JustStream automatically converts the format to supported one and plays the content while the conversion smoothly takes place in the background.

JustStream also provides subtitle support, both for external and embedded subtitles. If streaming to Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, you get the flexibility to change subtitle font, size, and color.
External and embedded audio soundtracks are effortlessly picked up by JustStream while mirroring content to any device. Further, you can also create and organize playlists and stream them non-stop for unrestricted entertainment.

JustStream also lets you pause and resume your video at your own convenience. You can then play the audio or video from the last time you left. The free version offers you 40 minutes of uninterrupted streaming and mirroring as well.

How to Use

Let's see how you can manage the streaming experience with JustStream’s menu bar.
  1. Launch the app — it should appear in your menu bar.
  2. Turn on your Smart TV.
  3. Choose the media files you want to play by clicking the plus button.
  4. Now select the device you want to stream to by clicking on the arrow next to the AirPlay icon.
  5. Hit “Start Streaming.”

Next time if you want to mirror your MacBook and show your latest holiday pictures to family, you don’t have to think twice! Make the perfect use of JustStream and display your presentation, videos, photos or even app by conveniently mirroring Mac’s screen on any TV. If multiple screens are in use, JustStream also lets you choose the one that you wish to use. Even the quality of output can be modified in Settings. The free version of JustStream lets you have limited streaming, i.e up to 40 minutes, while, the PRO version has no limitations and you can get it for just $19.95.

You can check out JustStream website and download the freeware to experience JustStream. Do share your experience in the comments.