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Airy – The Mac YouTube Downloader

If you are still going around the internet looking for a YouTube downloader for your Mac, this post can help you take a pause and conclude your quest. 

We recently stumbled upon Airy, YouTube downloader for Mac. Its streamlined interface makes it simple to use and, at the same time gives you a plethora of features to play with. Once the app is downloaded, you just need to open the app and paste the YouTube video’s URL in the address bar and the download will start; simple, right? There is also a flexibility to download multiple videos at the same time and chose the format best suited to your requirements including mobile supported or large video file formats.

Airy can also be integrated into the browser window so that it is easily accessible while you are watching a YouTube video. The browser extension is supported by all popular browsers and is convenient to use. If you plan to download a YouTube video while watching it, you just need to click the bookmark link and the video will get downloaded.

The current running downloads can be paused and resumed from the same position. With Airy, you can just download a single video and also complete YouTube channels and playlists in one go.
Airy can handle full HD and 8K Ultra HD videos and deliver excellent quality downloads. Before the download begins you get the option of choosing a resolution, and saving the video in your desired format. The extension also allowed you to download subtitles or extracting the soundtrack of the video and saving it as an MP3.

Let Get Started with Airy

Navigate to Airy’s website and download Mac version, the installation process will take you through the copyright issues and remind you that the downloaded video is your sole responsibility for any infringements. Also, you must enter the license key within 24 hours to enjoy uninterrupted video downloading.

Downloading Videos

Downloading videos via Airy is just a matter of a single click, you need to add the URL in Airy’s address bar and click the download button. Airy will download the video at the highest resolution and framerate, however, this setting can be manually changed and videos can be downloaded in all the formats that are offered by YouTube video.

Further, you can also see the current download progress of the video, the total file size downloaded so far and time remaining for completion of the download.

The Options Area

The tool also has an option pane that provides plenty of small but useful features like changing the default language, checking for updates, getting access to Airy’s help, browser extension and ability to change the default folder where videos are saved.


All features of Airy can be unlocked by buying a full version upgrade of $20. This is a highly effective tool for people who download a lot of videos. It's easy to use, download high-quality videos, gives enough flexibility to download a video in the file type of your choice. You can also get future updates from only $9.95 per year and an urgent support plan for $15 per year. An additional team license is also available to Mac users for $29.95.