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Effortless Team Collaboration to Take Your Business to Next Level

If you look around, you will notice that all successful businesses have reached their vantage point because they had the ability to see the bigger picture. The vision to see what the future will demand is the greatest asset for an organization’s success.

Whether you have a new business that is ready to scale or a business that you’ve wanted to take to the next level, taking the necessary steps can seem daunting. However, there are three simple tips and tricks which can help you overcome this.
  1. Time Management: Take the simple 60/20/20 approach, this helps in addressing the issues in the most linear way. 60% of time should be spent in addressing value add tasks that couldn't be delegated to others. 20% of time should go in planning, which means organizing the smooth running of the business. The next 20% should be delegated to strategizing on what should be done to improve fundamental aspects of your business and/or drive more profits
  2. Marketing: Invest in Internet marketing, it helps to get visibility amongst relevant focus groups, improves brand reputation and attracts more customers. You can find the right marketing firm which can understand your customer and come up with effective growth strategies.
  3. Technology: Technology plays a very crucial role in every business, you need to understand which technology impacts your business directly. Keeping up with the right technology can help businesses save money, time, resources and helps leaders to make better decisions.
Also, businesses need to invest in new technologies and software that cater to different aspects of running a business. Here we will focus on one such important aspect which is “Collaboration”. If you are still figuring out a decent way to host virtual office meetings and collaborate with customers, vendors and colleagues then you should halt your search and take a look at 8x8 Video Meetings. In this article, we will talk about 8X8 Video Meetings, an HD video and audio-conferencing tool that is built for businesses.

8x8 Video Meetings is a fast, reliable, secure and simple way to host video calls and provide a comprehensive suite of conferencing features. This can be used as a standalone service or it can be integrated with 8x8 Virtual Office service for better teamwork.

The tool does not require download and begins on a single click with WebRTC compatible browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. It can also be accessed via the 8x8 Video Meetings desktop app, the mobile app and through calendar plug-ins for an OS. Further, it also provides unlimited meetings, dial-in capabilities, and tollfree numbers.

Let us have a comprehensive look at what 8x8 Video Meetings have in store for us.

8X8 Video meetings with X Series

The full version of 8X8 Video Meetings is integrated with the 8X8 virtual office. It provides enhanced conferencing capabilities and services like voice and chats being added to the Cloud platform. Another useful feature like adding and inviting guests to already set-up meetings is extremely beneficial to add colleagues or business which helps driving meetings in an ad-hoc fashion and driving the most value out of business meetings.

8x8 Meeting Rooms

We just explored the 8x8 Video Meetings which is great for desktop and mobile devices. But, most meetings are more than just conversations, you have to meet the team or business in a conference room and share your content to the attendees. But, in this world of global teams, we need to devise a way to share a conference room with people located in different geographies. To solve this, 8x8 Meeting Rooms have been introduced by 8x8 Video Meetings.

This cloud solution schedules, hosts and let the team join meetings from huddle rooms, other dedicated collaboration spaces with teams present in different locations.

A Solution for Businesses

8x8 Video Meetings is a solution built especially for businesses and we would say this because it ingrates with enterprise application apps. You can see seamless integration with apps such as Calendars, single sign-on, and directories.

Additionally, the meetings can be shared with an unlimited number of people by streaming your content directly on YouTube.


Thus, with 8x8 Video Meetings, the meeting rooms can be transformed into collaborative workplaces. You can have the ability to host unlimited meetings with a standalone version of 8x8 Video Meetings. This is a simple yet effortless solution to schedule and start meetings without indulging in hassles of setting up a meeting.

You can experience all of the above-discussed features with the free version of 8x8 Video Meetings. The best part of the free version is, it is unlimited! The trial version will also provide unlimited access to full functionality which includes HD video calls, audio calls, and multiuser screen file sharing.