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Which is the Most Secure Broadband Provider?

The two most important factors which we consider when choosing our broadband provider are probably value and security. Many people face budget constraints and would prefer a broadband provider that gives value for money. But more important than getting good value from our broadband provider, is security.

If our vulnerable children surf the net without protection, they may fall prey to predators. We may be attacked by phishing sites that collect our sensitive information. We may enter malware-infected sites and attract that infection. There’s no doubt we may be able to purchase the required protection, yet a broadband provider that provides Internet security as part of the package is an attractive prospect. Which is the most secure broadband provider? Let’s explore.

Broadband Network Providers and their Security Packages

The following is a summary of the main broadband providers and their security features. You may read and compare:
  1. BT Internet: For many users, this is and will always be the original and best network provider. Security features offered by this provider include the WPS Key, BT Virus Protect, activated firewall and industry-standard encryption software. There is also the Parental Controls feature. BT advises users to keep their software up to date to keep their systems in optimal condition.
  2. Plusnet: This provider’s security feature, Plusnet Protect, is powered by McAfee, a top Internet security software. Users can request this feature when ordering a Plusnet connection. It provides parental controls and safeguards against malware and phishing sites.
  3. Virgin Media: This broadband provider’s security package is available as a free download for users. It provides parental controls and the usual protection features. The Virgin Media security hub provides a help forum for users and contact details should they be required. Virgin media advises users to keep software updated to ensure continued optimal security.
  4. Talktalk: Talktalk offers Homesafe, an Internet safety package which offers parental controls and which protects your connection from malware. For added security, you can add the SuperSafe boost for a monthly charge of £2. This will protect up to eight devices.
  5. Sky Broadband: Sky offers a free downloadable security package to users. Sky Broadband Shield contains the usual features of parental control and malware/phishing protection.
  6. EE: EE allies with Norton Security to bring you the most secure Internet experience. EE security brings you parental controls and protection from the malware/fishing menace.
  7. Vodafone UK: Vodafone UK offers a great deal on F-Secure, an award-winning Intenet security software.
  8. Now Broadband: This provider provides a special security package, the Now Broadband Buddy. This provides the with parental controls as well as online protection against the usual menaces.

Which is the Most Secure Broadband Provider?

As we’ve found, the major UK broadband providers provide strong security features as part of their package. According to information available, there is no single best provider in any category. All the main providers are in competition with each other and do their best to match and even outdo each other feature for feature. The winner here is the customer, who gets several excellent packages from which to choose. So consider those packages carefully and choose the one which you think is best.