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Audials One 2020 - Music, Movies, Series, Internet TV & More

Last year we stumbled upon Audials 2019 and shared the reviews with our readers. With the beginning of this year, Audials came up with fresh and new features for its 2020 version. This article will focus on what Audials One 2020 has in store for us.
If you are not familiar with the name, Audials One is a recording service which downloads high-quality music from your favorite streaming app, online sources, radio stations, etc. and saves it to your library. Further, you can record movies, series and television content in top quality video.
Let’s explore what Audials One 2020 has to offer.


Music lovers always strive to find and download the offline track that they hear on radio, Amazon, Soundcloud or other apps. Well, Audials allows you to not only save a song to the offline directory but also find it from portals like Deezer, Amazon Music, online radio stations like 106.7 LITE FM, The Beat LA, Beatles Radio, Black Gospel Network, KIIS 102.7 and others. So, its not only about steaming through online portals but it is one step ahead of recreating the tradition of downloading songs played on the radio.

Audials can select the specific tracks in your wish-list and download them in parallel, while you listening to them. It is hence a decent way to expand your playlists collection. Further, it also has suggestions to autocomplete and improve playlists which is a great time saver.

Audials 2020 contain a special feature for Spotify, it lets you drag multiple playlists, albums or songs to Audials. These selections can then be downloaded at 15X speeds within minutes. Along with the song, its metadata is also downloaded including genre, album name, artist, song, tags, etc.

The 2020 version of Audials can record high-quality music in the best format even if your system does not have a sound card with 192kHz/24bit support which is essential for Ultra HD quality music.
Also, if you do not wish to download the tracks, you can always add the song links to Audials and listen to them at your convenience.

TV and Movies

We spoke only about music, but, Audials does not stop there, the Audials One 2020 can pull content from any of your subscribed streaming services, create playlists and play them without ads. Audials have worked with Google to provide a legitimate ad-free service, resulting in, it to be more convenient than downloading with standalone apps like YouTube Downloader.

In order to use it, you can type the required video in the Audials search bar and the crawler will look for desired results. The search results will provide you pool of options from which you can download the required video.

Audials One 2020 will not just download the content, it also helps you manage the media library. It offers automatic tagging and adds any required metadata to the files wherever missing and possible.


Audials 2020 has inherited the quirky spider diagram for ‘similar artists’ from its 2019 version. The music zoom feature is quite handy to show related artists and their genres.

Further, a bot tool is added that helps in automatically creating playlists based on your interest for a certain artist or radio station. It’s a great way to discover new tracks and enjoy new genres in a couple of clicks.


With new features, Audials One 2020 has become faster, modern, easier and stronger. Its unlimited radio recording, intelligent wireless music transfer, and support for the latest smartphones and tablets are just a few of many reasons for you to give Audials One 2020 a try!