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Best Anonymous Browsers to Stay Protected Online

How carefully did you choose your browser? What parameters did you pay attention to in the first place? After all, today, encryption methods and the possibility of anonymous use are in the first place. Besides, for many, it is essential to have an automatic ad-blocking function and cookies notifications. Unfortunately, not many browsers can provide you with such features.

Therefore, we have collected for you a selection of the most secure and feature-rich browsers, using which you can feel safe in the global Internet space.

The Best Anonymous Browser! Top 5!


Utopia is a decentralized system that includes messenger, email, browser, e-wallet, multimedia games. All these features can be used simultaneously, thanks to Hybrid Mode, which provides full use of them in a single open window. Also, the user remains anonymous when using the tools, since registration in the ecosystem is anonymous.

During the registration, the user does not enter their data, but the ecosystem generates a personal key, which is the user's nickname and opens access to the data storage server. Since Utopia is based on peer-to-peer architecture, it does not use a single server for data storage. Instead, it creates a server for each user that is accessed by a previously generated key.

All transmitted and received data is securely encrypted, thanks to the use of a multi-level encryption method based on the use of a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES.

Utopia is suitable for use on any operating system, such as Windows, IOS, or Linux. For the full use of the ecosystem, the user only needs a stable Internet connection.

Firefox Quantum

It based on the Quantum engine. It is a fast and user-friendly browser with a fully customizable interface. But most importantly – it has already contained the option of blocking trackers and other tracking mechanisms sites.

All extensions from the Mozilla store are supported, and there are additional options for protection against surveillance. It can be synchronized with other devices. Quantum secures cloud storage of passwords.

There is a robust private browsing mode. If you activate it, the browser will not save the history of visits. Another key feature: it can be available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS platforms.

Pirate Browser

It provides a high level of privacy, as it uses a multi-layer encryption system using the Onion Protocol. In the browser, there is a VPN (like in Tor), which allows you to bypass the lock and hide your real IP address easily. The system works quite quickly, as it is based on a portable version of Firefox. The function of automatic updates are disabled.

Due to an old platform, the browser does not support extensions from the Mozilla store. But they are not needed here. Pirate Browser is not designed for comfort, but to hide their data from curious sites and services. On the other hand, the outdated version makes it vulnerable to viruses and sniffers.


This browser is based on the Chromium engine, which makes it compatible with extensions from the Google online store. The web browser quickly loads pages and there is an option of blocking of advertising.

The author of Mozilla Firefox created the browser. So it can be set up as you like. It can work in full privacy mode without saving history and cookies.

The browser has a secure password vault, crypto wallets, and much more. The good news is the fact that the web browser is not tied to any services (like Yandex or Google). It is another plus to privacy.

Iridium Browser

It is another browser based on the Chromium engine. It has a Google Chrome interface. Therefore users will not have any problems using it. At the same time, the browser has an option to automatically prevent the transmission of usage data, which also blocks the option to collect user information from Google.

There are also integrated add-ons for blocking ads and unsafe sites. There are tools to disable tracking mechanisms. The web browser is speedy and loads the computer less than standard Chrome. At the same time, you can easily install any extension from the Google online store. For many, this browser will be the best option.

Choose your best anonymous browser and forget about possible threats that exist in the global Internet space!