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The Top 5 New Apps Trending In 2020

New year, new apps. From productivity to creativity, there's no shortage of exciting new releases this year. Some applications can help improve your day-to-day routine and sometimes may even save your life. Here we'll start 2020 off with the latest apps that have caught our attention.


If you use or own a laundromat, you know how much of a headache it is to carry change and deal with coin machines. That’s why many property managers, laundromat owners, and tenants are starting to pop over to these guys to change the way we do laundry.

Meet ShinePay - an electronic payment app that allows people to pay for their laundry on their phones so that they no longer have to use change while at laundromats.

How Does It Work?

Washers and dryers that are participating in ShinePay will have a QR code for your phone to scan. Your phone then activates the ShinePay Spark hardware installed in the machine. To use ShinePay as a customer, it’s simple: download the latest version from your app store, create an account, and add payment information.

For laundromat managers, you can install ShinePay with new or existing machines in minutes. Customers can still use coin payments if they do not have the app, and you can keep track of how many people are using the app. Withdraw your funds, view transactions, and track coin usage - all in one dashboard. Managing your operations can’t get any more simple than that!

Keep Alert

Drowsiness while studying or while at work can affect our performance. Keep Alert was created to address these issues. The app uses the same 3D facial recognition tech as the iPhoneX/11 to monitor a user's state of alertness.

Keep Alert utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor and alert you when you show signs of drowsiness, such as closing your eyes. It also monitors blinking speed or head position. However, the app is meant to be used while studying or other stationary tasks.

Since Keep Alert only monitors features on a user's face, users must only use this app in safe conditions free of potential harm. There is also a disclaimer that is not intended for use while operating vehicles or machinery.


Viziblezone is an auto app that uses pedestrian's phones and predictive AI to warn you when you're at risk of hitting someone with your car. It can be integrated directly into in-vehicle systems within the vehicle (or even just run off an app in a docked phone).

Currently, Viziblezone requires that both the in-car navigation system and pedestrian's phones running the company's app. While it isn't practical at the moment, we see its potential, and we can't wait to see how it will expand in the near future.

While the company does plan to include third-party products, too many dependencies mean it's unlikely you'll see it in your phone or car very soon - unless a broader tech company decides to integrate it into their own system.

David’s Disposable

It's not uncommon for vloggers and influencers to create apps, but this one took 2020 by storm. David Dobrik, a popular YouTube vlogger with 15.1 million subscribers, created a mobile camera app called David's Disposable, which mimics disposable cameras from the 90s.

The nostalgia-inducing app has over 1 million downloads, and for a brief moment, it was the top most popular free apps on Apple's App Store, surpassing both Disney+ and Instagram.


This 2020 list would not complete without an app to help track your resolutions. With the turn of the year, productivity and health-related downloaded spike up, but there's no one quite like this one.

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular diet-tracking apps on any platform and is compatible with about 50 other apps. This ensures your health & fitness progress is in check across all your applications.

While MyFitnessPal isn't the most aesthetic design out there, it makes up for it with its layout that shows long-term progress. What makes it so popular is how well it interacts with other health & fitness apps.

Final Thoughts

Whether an app was designed to fill a need like Shinepay, or serve as a throwback in the case of David's Disposable, there is a large number of apps continually being released. This new stream of mobile applications filling specific niches is a great start to the Roaring 20s!