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6 Tech-Minded Search Engines For Parts, Data And More

Finding the right technical components for your product design and/or business can seem a bit challenging. You certainly want to hunt down the best price, highest rated, and in-stock component, as well as the tech data and info you need. The good news is that there are search engine platforms that do exactly this.

Before, you may have did a Google search for the technical component you were looking for and spend countless hours clicking through individual websites. Not anymore. In today’s innovative, forward-thinking digital age, you can use a search engine platform that returns specific technical component queries.

In a matter of minutes, you can compare pricing, stock, and ratings for what you need to bring your product to life. Let’s take a closer look at the six technical component search engines for parts, data, and more, you can employ for a simplified experience.

1. Octopart

Octopart is a high-performing, data-driven electrical component search engine platform that allows designers and manufacturers to search for components with ease. You can search by type of component, part number, manufacturer, supplier, packaging, ROHS status, mounting, material, and a whole lot more.

There is even a “search by component” capability that makes finding the right electrical component easier and faster. Other key features Octopart users can utilize are BOM manager, Excel addition, and Google Docs plugin. This is a one-stop-shop for finding the right electrical component online. And no registration is needed.

2. Test Equipment Depot

Having the ability to test electrical and other areas of your product is important. Instead of scouring the internet for the testing equipment you need, you can simply head to Test Equipment Depot for a one-stop shopping experience.

Test Equipment Depot carries all the major testing equipment manufacturers, like Fluke, Megger, Yellow Jacket, Weller, Tektronix, Testo, and more. They also have strong product descriptions, competitive pricing, and all other factors needed to make a decision.

3. Circuit Scout

Circuit Scout is a technical search engine that the electrical engineering community turns to often when it comes to circuit designs. With more than 32,000 circuit diagrams and schematics within the site’s technical search engine, Circuit Scout provides search results via search content. There are no blind web searches that can lead electrical engineers down the diagram rabbit hole.

This tech-minded search engine is simplistic and easy to use. However, the search results you can achieve on this site make it a powerful search engine for all things circuit diagrams and schematics for product designers and manufacturers.

4. TechSpex

Sometimes there is more involved in manufacturing a product than all the electrical components. If you need machining parts to ensure your electrical components fit perfectly in accordance with manufacturing guidelines, TechSpex is worth considering.

You can use this component and parts site to search machining via builder, distributor, and supplier. There is also a tooling resource center that can serve useful during your product build.

5. TechStreet

If you need to find a standard for your design and/or manufacturing project, TechStreet can prove very useful. This tech-minded search engine delivers search results for global listings across a variety of standards, such as IEC standards, IEEE standards, and JEDEC standards. TechStreet also provides excellent and informative resources, making it a great search engine to bookmark.

6. Panasonic

Panasonic has its very own electrical components search engine for designers and manufacturers to check out, find parts, check pricing, and more. Panasonic also has a resource section that can help designers and manufacturers with builds, as well as help choose the right, or even the newest components.

Of course there is little variety on the Panasonic component site, because they want to push their own inventory first and foremost. For example, on the main page you’ll see the Panasonic Capacitor highlighted in detail to entice buyers who may be in the market for a capacitor.

Ready To Make Your Electrical Component Search Easy?

The above electrical component search engine sites and platforms can definitely help you find, compare, and buy the components you need for a successful product build. Whether you are building your own products, or manufacturing for a client, it is important to find the right parts, at the best price, in the fastest amount of time.

No one wants to spend hours hopping from site to site looking for what they need. There are also more of these types of search engines out there. The above are a few of the top ones. Do you use component search engines? Which one is your favorite?