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Why Python Is Becoming an Important Language

Many of you may know or may not know, but the programming language Python is not a new kid on the block. However, one cannot say that it is the oldest, but it has certainly been there in the past. The way Python was used back in time, it is getting used in a similar manner now. Python programming language was first launched in 1991.

The popularity of Python as one of the most used programming languages has gone up quite a bit. Basically, one can use Python for everything. The programming language is so versatile that you can configure servers, build applications, and desktop programs, all with the use of Python. However, these are just a few examples of what you can do with Python. Actually, with Python, you can do so much more. If you are wondering what made Python so popular nowadays, then here are some of the reasons for you.

A Very Good Community for Support

If you are using a programming language that does not provide proper support and documentation, you will not feel satisfied with it. Basically, such programming languages fail to capture the imagination of their users. However, Python is one such programming language that does not have any such problems. If you are using Python, then you will find plenty of tutorials, documentation, guides, and many more things that will help you to use this programming language efficiently. Also, the support community of Python is very much active. It means whenever you are in need of any support, you will have to get it within a quick time.

A Robust Backing from the Corporate

One of the main reasons for the success of a programming language is support from the corporate. If you look at other successful programming languages, they all had the backing of a corporate giant. Python has support from Google. Since 2006, Google is using Python for various applications and platforms. Now, you will be thinking, how this backing from Google has helped Python. You should know that when a corporate giant backs a programming language, they want the next generation of developers to work on that language for building apps and systems. Now, if you see the case of Google, they have created multiple tutorials and guides for the developers to work with Python. It also helps in promoting the language significantly. 

Big Data

The one thing that has arguably changed the fortune of Python helped it to skyrocket the growth in the ladder of programming languages is big data. Python is the second most used programming language used for cloud computing and big data. Also, the developers of various modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, are using Python. One of the primary reasons to use Python for these cases is that Python is an easy to use programming language.

Efficient and Reliable

If you ask the developers, they will say in unison that the Python is efficient, reliable, and fast. Deploying Python is very easy, and the best part is one can apply Python for any environment. Also, this application of Python will cause no negative impact on the overall performance. Moreover, Python does not compel you to stick to any individual domain or platform. By using it, you will have the same experience anywhere you use.

The Bottom Line

As it is quite evident now to you as to why Python has become such a popular programming language. It is a great stepping stone for the beginners, but the experienced developers are not left behind as well because the scope of Python is very big.