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Secure Your Home With Lockibly: A Smart Lock

Whenever you step out of the house, do you also live with the insecurity of "Have I locked the door?", "Shall I go back and check the door lock?" , "Are the keys left hanging at the door lock?". Well, we always have such questions and not just these, but inhibitions related to locking ourselves out, issues related to security, and much more. But, these might not be just our apprehensions, we get these ideas because we realize that our current lock systems are weak and lack the solutions to concerns that keep floating in our minds.

So we went on our quest to look for answers about lock and key issues and stumbled upon a biometric door lock, Lockibly, which offers a completely new line of smart locks.

Lockibly is a North American firm aligned to provide innovative solutions for enhanced security. They have reprogrammed the traditional lock and key concept and have used technology to combine automation and security to one system, thus, creating a secure environment. With more than 100,000 customers worldwide, let us see how Lockibly can help us with the line of smart locks they have to offer.

There are three variants of smart locks offered by Lockibly - Aura, Veti, and Activa. All of these three variants are made from durable materials and have been tested to be unbreakable by any physical force. They are battery-driven which requires to be charged only once a year and for just 30 mins. These batteries are proven to be five times more reliable than smart locks that run on alkaline batteries.
The installation process is simple and avoids the mediation of any locksmith or external vendors, a simple screwdriver can do the work of installation. Once it is installed, the access can be provided via fingerprint, Bluetooth, or both. This can give ease of access to relatives, friends, drivers, guests and the control can be given to up to 100 unique fingerprints.

Features in a Nutshell

Biometric and Password Access

The fingerprint recognition is having a 99.99% accuracy rate and the fingerprint will be detected within milliseconds. Also, for guests, you can share temporary passwords.

Bluetooth and Remote Access Control

With the use of TTlock app which comes coupled with the lock, you can access the door remotely. If you want to check that the door is locked or you want to provide access to someone while you are still in the office this comes in very handy.

In-App Management and Access Logs

TTLock app is not only beneficial to manage the lock but it can also provide the comprehensive details of any visitors or in-out entry details. You can also provide permissions to visitor entry, schedule a visitor entry for a specific time in the future, and also manage your passwords.

Secure and Durable

Like we mentioned earlier, the locks are build of high-quality materials, aluminum alloy to be specific. This material makes the lock impossible to tamper with, also the small cylindrical design has a separate motor structure that makes it impossible to break.

Battery Life

The battery life is up to one year with a single charge of 30 mins. This makes Lockibly the longest-running biometric locks in the market.


This feature comes in very handy as we can set aside our worries, regarding the door being locked or not, while we are already halfway to office, as Lockibly will automatically lock the door post 3 seconds.

The Lockibly locks come in 3 variants with each having their own features. You can choose them depending on your requirements or color palette. The version Aura comes in different colors (Black, Silver Bronze, and Gold) with two options of Wi-fi Gateway and without Wi-Fi Gateway. Veti is an upgraded version with a different look, it comes in only black color but has additional options of setting up a password, Bluetooth connectivity, fingerprint unlocking, TTLock app, and key feature. Last but not the least, Activa is a mixture of a mechanical and digital lock which can be unlocked with both keys and fingerprints.

Lockibly employs the encryption method that is used by governments and security officials around the world and hence it’s the most secure way of smartly locking your home. If you have more questions on the products you can browse Lockibly website.