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Keep Kids Safe With FamiSafe Parental Control App

The Internet is as vast as the universe, but the only difference is, all aspects of the latter are not accessible by everyone, but the former is reachable to everyone and everything is open for access. This opens various doors of opportunity and information, but is all content on the internet safe?

The concern lies for parents as they are not aware of what their inquisitive kids are browsing over the internet. But somehow, parents have to curb their anxiety and keep a check on kids. In the online world, kids might be subject to cyberbullying, catfishing, pornographic content, and several other destructive activities.

It is difficult for parents to keep a check on kids in the real world but they can be monitored in their web presence and parental control tools come in handy to cater to such situations.

In this blog, we will speak in detail about Famisafe, a parental control app launched by Wondershare. This app does target monitoring for selected devices and provides information on applications used and the content browsed on your kid’s phone. Hence, it can help parents to keep a check on their kid(s) online activity 24X7. Let’s have a detailed look at its features.

Keeping Track of Whereabouts

This feature is very beneficial, it can track the whereabouts of kids by tracking the location on their phone. It can also get the location history using the mobile location tracker feature. Further, parents can also mark a virtual safe circle, and if in the real world the kid goes beyond that marked area notification will pop-up on your phone. So it is like a fence in the real world which your kids are not allowed to cross.

Web Filter

A web filter is used to filter out the content that you do not want your child to get exposed to. A web filter can be applied, for instance, the exception of website, or block websites falling under a specific category such as violence, adult, phishing, drugs, etc. Further, you can also check the browsing history even when the content is accessed on incognito mode.

Screen Time

This feature not only gives you details on total screen time but also lets you remotely schedule daily or weekly app usage on specific timings or block devices from the internet connection. This can ultimately improve your child’s school performance and sleep schedule.

Phone Activity Timeline

This is more or less like a report card of your child’s phone usage. It keeps a check of the kid’s daily phone activity, keeps a record of what apps are being installed or uninstalled making sure that you are aware of how the kid is spending time on the phone every day. The feature of being aware of all the installed and uninstalled apps give you visibility to guide your child on what is wrong and right and where they should channelize their energies.

Parental Alerts

This feature comes in very handy, it will alert you as soon as a suspicious word is detected from your child’s phone. You can monitor suspicious texts on social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and YouTube. You can also create your list of alarming words and get a notification whenever malicious activity is sensed such as bullying, social anxiety, or sexual conversation.


Famisafe is extremely easy to use, you just have to register to the Famisafe account, install the app on both your and your kids' device and you can easily connect and manage all devices from the FamiSafe dashboard app or web portal.


Famisafe is extremely reliable and designed with one focus in mind that is keeping a track of kids online activity. This also helps in answering parents' concerns around social anxiety, online bullying, trafficking, activity on gamble sites or porn sites, phone addition, disturbed sleep cycles due to prolonged usage of the phone, etc.