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Get in the Game! - Learn to Create Online Games.

Online games are an increasingly popular and fun way to pass the time. A quick read over the key findings of the 2020 ‘State of Gaming’ report confirms this.

The benefits of gaming have been linked to reducing stress. It’s a way to connect to play multiplayer games with family and friends remotely. Online gaming can be educational and boost skills like multitasking or improve hand-eye and visual coordination.

But what’s next? Upgrading from the occasional casual player and beginner level? Becoming an expert gaming master? Learn how to create your games.

Where to Start

Begin with some research. In addition to the games you know and love to play, navigate to this website to find new games and inspiration.

Reviewing different games by playing will help you decide what type of game you want to create. You can identify what you like or dislike and what you can improve.

Research can identify gaps in the market and spot trends in popular games. It’s also good to ask others which games they like to play and why. Start well informed and move to the next step, shaping your game plan.

Your Game Plan

Start by writing out the basics of the game. Which theme and category will the game fit? Will it be action or adventure, puzzles or sports games?

A basic overview of the game will keep you focused. This will help bring you back on track if you get stuck at a later stage. Get creative and add a few images and drawings here. It can be a few simple sketches, no art degree required! A graphic layout will help you visualize the end product.

Reach Out

Are you feeling stuck? There are several options to rekindle some inspiration that you started. You can get help in a few ways:

Tutorials offer a great ‘show and tell’ method to help you become unstuck. You can also join an online gaming discussion forum and hang out with likeminded online game creators for inspiration. Asking for help in these networks will help you gain knowledge. You may even find a mentor to help you gain some skills.

Tried and Tested

Once the game has been created, it’s essential to test the game. Testing is a great step to fine-tune and revise your game. Consider the UX and UI and ask your friends and family to check your game. Ask what they think should be added or removed. Once you’ve had their feedback, test it again on people you don’t know so well. That will give you constructive and balanced feedback.

The final step would be to publish the game. You’ll have several site options where game uploads can be done for others to play.

Level Up

If you’re serious about becoming a game programmer, there are several options to upskill yourself. You can focus on game development via online learning. If you want to go all the way, you can study computer science or learn to code.

Consider learning more about the creative side of gaming by taking a course in design. Levelling up will enhance your gamification skill set.

Take the Leap

In conclusion - you don’t have to learn to code to create an online game. Leap and start today. Remember to manage your expectations. Minecraft wasn’t built in a day!