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Cloud Marketplace and Partner Ecosystem

There is an explosion of social, cloud, and mobile technologies and thus every organization strives for ease of access to trusted business applications. A cloud marketplace comes into the picture to cater to such new opportunities. Cloud service providers offer applications that can be subscribed to by customers as a service. These Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are built and integrated on infrastructure provided by cloud marketplace providers.

A cloud marketplace is thus an online storefront operated by a cloud service provider.
At a cloud marketplace, organizations can get access to software applications and services on infrastructure provided and maintained by a cloud provider. In this cloud storefront, all kinds of niche and native applications created by third-party developers are available. By leveraging cloud applications companies can easily integrate or build newer applications with existing and or latest systems. Organizations can also publish their applications on a cloud marketplace and reach their customers.

Let’s quickly talk about top cloud market partners:

Cloud Marketplace Deployment Partners

1) Google App Engine:

In Google App Engine, web applications, work on infrastructure provided by Google. The App Engine lets you harness its services, on which applications can be easily built, maintained, and scaled. As your application grows, so does the traffic and data which is managed and provided by Google App Engine. The main advantage is that you can forget about maintaining servers or growing data, as Google is liable to take care of it. You are supposed to just use its service and leave the maintenance to Google App Engine.

A simple app could be created by using the quick start guide. Also developers can code in Python, Java, and PHP on popular platforms of Flask, Django, and Bottle.

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2) Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services popularly known as AWS is another cost-effective cloud platform. AWS is Amazon’s cloud marketplace which provides a cost-effective and scalable computing platform for large and small businesses. The IT infrastructure provided by AWS is huge with enough storage, services, and computer power. This aids large scale and widely distributed applications.

3) CloudFoundry

VMWare provides a cloud deployment platform, CloudFoundry. This is an open platform service that gives access to a number of developer frameworks and application services. Since it is an open-source project, a large number of cloud instances and distributors support it. Users can have accelerated development and deployment of publically or privately hosted applications on any platform provided by CloudFoundary.

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4) Force.com

Salesforce.com also has a cloud computing platform, which is called Force.com. A number of custom business applications could be created and deployed over the internet using this SaaS. There is absolutely no need for owning software or hardware, even the expenditure, configuration, and maintenance will be taken care of by Force.com.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a number of cloud market places and deployment platforms available. It depends purely on business, its need of services, data storage and traffic count that evaluates the best SaaS package.

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