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Shopify - The Best Enterprise eCommerce Platform

Looking for a platform to manage your e-commerce websites? If you are online or just getting started with an online footprint, investing in the right platform is very crucial for your brand for the present as well as the future. To assist us in creating our brand’s online mark, Shopify plus is a decent deal. It is a next-gen eCommerce platform that is designed for high volume enterprise brands. Hosted on SaaS, Shopify Plus is reliable than other self-hosted platforms as it is constantly monitored and upgraded to provide maximum efficiency and robustness.

Besides, since Shopify Plus is hosted, there is no need to own a server or look for a hosting company that handles your website. It provides high speed even in traffic boosts and a great search engine optimization. Let’s have a sneak-peek into its features as an eCommerce platform.


  1. Shopify provides unlimited bandwidth and hence no need to worry about bandwidth limitations when you are planning to grow your business.
  2. It’s highly scalable as it’s a SaaS cloud service.
  3. Can manage up to 10 stores at once.
  4. It can provide support for processing 8000 orders per minute for a single store.
  5. Campaigns can be analyzed with a real-time dashboard.
  6. Complex scripts like free shipping and gifts with purchase can be easily created.
  7. Task management is automated
  8. Orders can be reviewed for specific details before generating invoices.
  9. eCommerce store can be completely customized with Javascript and CSS support.
  10. Advanced security with SSL certificates and Level 1 PCI DSS compliance
  11. Integrations available with other 1,500 apps

Shopify Plus Web Design and Templates

Shopify Plus provides as many as 60 themed templates in different languages, 10 of these are free themes while 59 are paid options available in the varied price range. With the help of the Shopify web editor, you can have basic customizations on your website template. The products can be uploaded as a list and divided into respective

The basic customization for your site happens through the Shopify web editor. You can upload a list of your products, decide where you want them to be displayed, and divide them up into their respective categories. Recently, the New York Times relaunched its online store in a similar fashion, which you can read more here.

For enterprises that need more control on their website and its customizations they should be having people with an understanding of coding concepts and Shopify’s themed language is Liquid. Even if you are new to Liquid, it is not a complicated language, has the same concepts as other languages while the rest of syntactical and generic functionalities can be learned with available guides. This will help you have control over the appearance and functionality of your website. If you stumble upon some non-resolvable issues, Shopify Plus’s team will help you write lines of code and get your website running on the custom theme.

One feature that we found quite useful is the dedicated launch manager, this makes sure that the website will be completely integrated with Shopify Plus. Since each merchant is unique, Shopify Plus allows complete customization control to merchants. This equates to having full control over layout, branding, and content. Also, Shopify Plus offers thousands of professionally built apps at Shopify Plus store, these apps will help in enhancing various capabilities such as targeted marketing, and better customer relationship management.

Further, a business can also connect its website with existing IT platforms of Shopify which includes CRM, ERP, and Finance systems plus any other service that you might need from the list of available systems.


Shopify Plus is a great platform for people who want to start their own business with the help of Shopify the processes become easy. Also, Shopify is best suited for businesses that deal majorly on eCommerce websites. With more control, greater customization, faster speeds, and customized checkouts Shopify Plus is surely a great platform to work on.