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Create Your Personalized TV Guide with Friendspire

The quarantine doesn’t seem to be anywhere near its end and it is obvious that you have already watched ‘Friends’ and ‘The Office’ for the millionth time by now. While classics like these never leave your side, you do need a change from something new every now then. But how will you know whether that new show on werewolves is as good as Teen Wolf or whether the new season of Money Heist won’t be a waste of time? While some recommendations can be okay, they are not always going to be your cup of tea, and are rarely great. After all, even the top TV show recommendation sites don’t know your taste – or your guilty pleasures for that matter. You can choose to hide it from others, but YOU know that you have watched Legally Blonde at least 5 times.

The television recommendations that you get should not only be what the world and the experts liked, but also what you would like and should suit your unique taste. And who knows you better – your friends or the tv show experts out there? Right? This is where Friendspire comes in. Bringing recommendations from your friends, Friendspire brings you the opinion of the ones who see you in your natural habitat every day and hence knows you the best, unfiltered version of you.

The Big Question – What is Trending?

In the magnificent realm of TV shows, there are so many trending players that one may even lose count. There the ever-green sitcoms like Friends, The Office, The Big Bang Theory (a CBS Show), and That 70’s Show which have been completed years ago but are still holding a spot on the trending list. Some new additions to the category include Brooklyn 99, The Good Wife, NCIS, and The Late Show. The abundance of all these fantastic shows from cable channels and streaming services is what makes choosing harder. This is where reviews and recommendations come in handy.

Will you like that show with a 100% rating from the experts?

So, the ice cream parlor across the street has introduced a few new flavors of ice cream, and the most popular Instagram food blogger says that they are ‘simply marvelous’. While you would be inclined to put a certain weight on the reviews of an expert, you still cannot be entirely sure about it. It is even more difficult to find trustworthy reviews for something like a tv show. Unlike ice cream, the commitment is long (if it is a series and there are a lot of episodes), the genres are often very and you never know whether you will like or love it with the same intensity as the other people out there since tastes can, and often are, full of variations.

Get Trendy – Get ‘Friendspire-d’

Friendspire combines both these things in one and presents you an all-round solution for TV show recommendations – the review ratings of your friend + the reviews of the experts in the industry – your personalized TV guide. From top CBS shows, CW shows to cartoons for kids, cooking shows for the chef inside of you, videos, cable shows and series, you will find reviews on every show from each channel and category to make an informed choice. Because you better watch something you will like if you’re going to stay up till 4 am to watch it, right?