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The Digital Developer Conference on Data & AI by IBM [Benefits & Details]

The year 2021 is fast approaching, and we need to be focused to grow our skills. What can be a better way to achieve the same than a Digital Developer Conference to help us grow? 

Well, the next Digital Developer Conference is IBM’s Data & AI Conference on November 24th. Free registrations are now open and during the conference, you will get a plethora of opportunities to gain expertise, learn and grow in open source technologies, industry-centric enterprise solutions, and AI-focused platforms. 

Top 5 Reasons to Attend 

Get certified in AI, ML, and Data Science 

A digital badge is an online, industry recognizable form of achievement, and these days, digital badges are like hot cakes for developers! The IBM Digital Developer Conference will provide you an opportunity to earn digital badges during the time being spent on the AI and Data Essential end-to-end course. The course will offer you digital labs and a roadmap to AI, ML, and Data Science. You will get opportunities to explore the challenges while working with these new-age technologies and enhance your skill of collecting, organizing, analyzing data, and infusing the right models. All the learning opportunities you get from this experience will be topped-up with a professional certificate or specialization from Coursera. 

Hands-on Labs 

There is an opportunity to learn design patterns used by developers that cater to new-age challenges. These will not be just via lecture approach but will be detailed by walkthrough sessions on popular topics of Auto AI Pipeline for cyber threat detection, deep reinforcement learning in finance, and AI fairness and bias detection and mitigation.

Learn from Experts

You will get to hear the experts speak on challenges and how those were mitigated through solutions and architectural changes. The agenda will include topics like the latest IBM research, building personalized messaging at scale with AI, deploying models on edge, cloud-based AI development, and deploying models on edge. 

Also, there will be a host party launched during the conference where IBM Developer Advocates including Spencer Krum, JJ Ashgar, and Matt Hamilton, and other experts will do live coding and provide answers to your queries.

Learn Best Practices

Hear the experienced data scientists speak about best practices on Model Accuracy and tips on winning data competitions. Also get a chance to get insights on the future of AI, ML, and Open source while you will also get to hear about the new data competition that will be held by IBM. 

Call for Code Spot Challenge on Wildfires

Australian wildfires in the year 2019-2020 had been very intense and had hit the Australian economy very hard impacting the lives of millions while the effects on ecology stay are incalculable. 

Fires and the resultant billowing smoke cascading off the edge of Australia on Jan. 01, 2020. Source: NASA.

And hence, IBM has come up with the Call for Code spot challenge where the focus of this competition will be to get answers for a better forecast of these fires so that we can get real answers to three simple questions “How to prepare and respond?”, “What is the root cause?” and “How can we mitigate wildfires in the future?”. These questions can be answered by looking at data from the past and developing robust AI models out of it.

You can work on this requirement by joining the competition with a team of coders and data scientists to make a difference, and win a prize for all the efforts you put in. All the data from past starting 2005 will be shared with the participants, the data will be provided by IBM Weather Operations Center Geospatial Analytics

Register for the virtual Digital Developer Conference and learn more about the challenge, participation rules, and other sessions that the digital conference is to offer.

Do not miss this opportunity and be a part of the Global challenge where you can make a difference to the world by leveraging the power of Data and AI.