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Powerful Web Scraping for Enterprises at Affordable Price - Scraping Robot

The biggest challenge that companies face these days is to define a process to analyze the massive amount of data collected from a multitude of users. This data can be around customer behavior, recent purchases, types of pages they visit, content shared on social media, or celebrities followed. Hence a strong foundation of data assets needs to be built in order to use the customer data effectively. 

This customer information can be gathered through the practice of Web Scraping. This is a process by which programmed software, more commonly known as bots, collects information from websites. These bots are programmed such that they pick up specific data like prices, age group, etc. so that accurate demographics can be targeted. 

Even with the availability of web scraping bots, many businesses lack the expertise around handing the data and managing it to get insightful information. This gap of understanding data technology can be filled by using a good web scraping bot that will be the key to the establishment of a data-driven business strategy. 

In this article, we will be speaking about one such web scraping tool that we perceived worthy to share with our readers after using multiple web scrapers. 

scraping Robot is a reliable web scraper, and is powered by an emerging company headquartered in the United States that specializes in data scraping. This bot is a reliable web scraper that scraps and extracts data from any product page and gathers and organizes information using automated processes so that the end data provided to the business is useful. 

scraping Robot also offers a rich API that allows developer-level access to data at scale, reducing the worry and headaches that come with managing servers, proxies, and developer resources. The tool also provides an intuitive dashboard which allows businesses to run as many projects as they want and supports easy, effective data delivery in CSV format. 

Some Popular Web scraping Modules 

Scraping Robot provides custom solutions, tailoring to specific data collection needs as well as a variety of pre-built modules that will scrape popular websites easily. A few of these modules are. 
  1. Amazon Scraper: This will help you fetch and compare the prices throughout the Amazon marketplace for any product link that you provide.
  2. Google Places Scraper: This is helpful when you want to look at a product and its maximum usage in a geographical area. All you have to do is, provide a location and a keyword, and Scraping Robot will pull down a list of the top 20 locations for that specific keyword.
  3. Google Scraper: This will scrap the entire google for a specific keyword. All you need to do is key in the word and you will be provided with the top 100 URL outputs for that specific keyword.
  4. HTML Scraper: This will give you the full HTML of a page as an output once you input the valid URL.
  5. Instagram Scraper: Once you provide a username to Scraping Robot, it will provide you the user’s follower count along with the number of likes and comments on recent posts.


The pricing offered by Scraping Robot is very affordable and as low as $0.0018 per scrap. Such high-quality scraps are provided at such low prices due to the tie-ups that Scraping Robot has with the partnership companies. Also, the processes at Scraping Robot are streamlined which cuts the development and technical costs and creates a product that provides superior quality for a lower price than the competition. Businesses can use the scraping technique to gain clearer insights about their own business, conduct better market research, and soar ahead of their competitors who aren't scraping.

So, for your scraping needs, sign-up today with Scraping Robot and get 5000 free scraps per month on the website of your choice, for further assistance on the product you can always browse the website or reach their 24X7 support team.