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How Much Time Should Your Kid Spend Online?

Do you watch over your youngster at home to see how much time he or she spends online? In the event, you said yes, you are by far not only the parent doing so. For millions of parents, they do in fact watch over their children when on the Internet. Until their child reaches a certain age, many parents feel it is wise to watch their kid and what they do online. So, if that sounds like you, are you monitoring your child’s Internet time and what exactly are you looking for?

Be Smart When it Comes to Internet Time 

In making sure you are comfortable with the amount of time your kid spends online, here are some areas of focus: 

1. Setting ground rules

Above all else, be sure you set some Internet rules for your child from day one. That is they will follow the rules you set or their Internet time will be reduced or taken away altogether. Of course, having an understanding with your kid on Internet usage tends to be better than being at odds. If the latter occurs, your child may try and sneak online when you are not around. Doing that can lead to dangers among other things. 

2. Why they are online

It is also key that you have a good understanding of why your child is online to begin with. Also focus on what amount of time is appropriate for their age. If they are doing activities online related to learning, odds are you would be okay with such things. You also want to be sure they have some fun or what you might label recreation time online. As an example, playing video games and meeting up with others their age online to compete with is fine. That would be with guidelines in place. 

When you decide your child can be active with video gaming, make sure they have the right equipment. Failure to do so can lead them to lose interest rather fast. From Xbox Series S headsets to gaming chairs and more, buy what is needed. That is to make for a good gaming experience time and time again. Whether doing educational stuff online or having some fun with games, let your kid grow with the web. 

3. Joining them on the Internet at times

Last, how much time do you spend online? Better yet, do you spend quality time online with your child? In answering the latter question, the hope is you do spend some time online with your young one. Keep in mind that despite some of the criticisms the Internet gets, there are many plus sides to it. That said you want to find fun and educational stuff for your child to do online. 

This would be until they reach an age where they can best decide for themselves. From playing video games with them to helping them with schoolwork and more, the web can help the two of you bond. 

In deciding the time online your kid has, consider it one of your big responsibilities in the digital age.