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Top AI Start-ups: The Game Plan!

Artificial Intelligence, a term for many is a big leap towards technological advancement and for others, it may be a definition to play “God”. Keeping this debate aside, AI is still moving forward which brought us tools like IBM Watson and Alpha where the former is already competing in game shows with humans. Even companies like Google and Facebook are indulging in AI start-ups to put their data to good use. 

Let’s have a look at the famous five AI start-ups:

1) MetaMind

Brought into inception in December 2014 with an initial investment of $8 from Khosla Ventures and Salesforce Marc Benioff, the company works on recursive neural networks. This interesting technology deals with sentiment analysis and image classification of the data. So if you upload pictures of Sushi, Metamind will tell you that you are looking at pictures of Sushi. Also, the tool has the capability of analyzing text extracted from Facebook statuses, tweets, or blogs and labeling it as having a positive, negative, or neutral tone. AI is also being used in a predictive analysis like in sports betting, about which you can read more.

2) Sentient Technologies

Sentient Technologies has built up a massively intelligent AI system that aims at hugely scaling up Artificial intelligence. It took its concept from the much renowned Darwinian Principle which states “all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce”. Thus, building a system that learns and adapts throughout its usage and develops the capability of providing better results. 
The company provides separate CPUs and GPUs for each of its AI engines so that they ramp up faster and have the capability to perform tasks for longer periods of time. 

3. The Grid

There are a number of tools available to build websites, but however they promise, it is still very time-consuming to get a professional website out of these tools. The Grid is an AI-driven website building tool that uses concepts of Artificial Intelligence to build and customize your website and become your personal Web developer.  
Talking about technology, The Grid makes use of proprietary algorithms to analyze uploaded media and uses a consistent color palette across the website. Also, settings such as deciding readable text color, time-sensitive content suggestions, plug-and-play eCommerce features, and automated A/B testing are carried out by The Grid.

4. Enlitic

Enlitic is a start-up focussing on helping doctors by image analysis. The deep learning technologies and image analysis assist medical practitioners to spot abnormalities and accordingly make diagnoses. Its applications can be seen in analyzing medical images like X-rays, MRI’s or CT scans. 

5. X.ai

X.ai is a personal scheduler and handles all the schedules on your behalf. X.ai provides you a personal assistant “Amy” who handles all the schedule plans for time and place and sends out invitations to everyone. This is a New York-based start-up that is still in beta version and extremely useful for people whose most of the day revolves around meetings. 

AI is an extremely broad term that involves its applications in several areas. It is probably the fastest growing technology having a commercial potential in observable and meaningful time horizon for a start-up.