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Know what the Next-gen Dell EMC PowerEdge Server Portfolio brings in – Join in for the Mega Launch in India on April 21!

As we know disruption lays down the groundwork for innovation. This stands truer today, as businesses across the globe are mining new ways to reform themselves in this new world. Much has changed in the business realm, owing to last year’s global overhaul. But with the advent of new technologies, connected devices, and enhanced connectivity, many businesses have caught hold of the rope to ensure business continuity. 

Looking at the present scenario, despite the survival tactics embraced, businesses now need to plan the way forward - not just to survive but to thrive and be prepared for the uncertainties of the future. This indicates that businesses need to rethink their IT infrastructure, making it more agile, resilient, flexible, and secure – an IT that is able to manage the proliferating workloads, streamline operations, extract insights from the ever-increasing data and bring in scalability. 

This is what technology giant, Dell Technologies, aims to achieve with its refreshed portfolio of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. With this renewed server portfolio, Dell Technologies is entering the next generation of computing, steering towards autonomous infrastructure to deliver greater IT efficiency, embrace AI and address the demands of IT at the edge.

Be a part of the exclusive launch event of this new server portfolio where @Manish_gupta3 will unveil the new servers and will deep-dive into how these next gen servers will bring in next-level performance and capabilities to businesses.

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So, what will make the next generation of Dell EMC #PowerEdge #server portfolio so unique?

  1. Optimum performance to help businesses reach their goals faster: The new PowerEdge servers will offer the computing power needed for the most critical #workloads and applications.

  2. Overcome challenges of data-intensive workload with #AI: The AI-optimized PowerEdge servers will feature PCIe Gen 4.0, which maximize performance to support the most challenging workloads. This helps organizations respond to their needs rapidly.

  3. Takes IT to the edge with ruggedized built: The servers are built to thrive in remote and harsh environments, with a hardened chassis, minimal footprint, and support for multiple accelerators.

  4. End-to-end built-in security: The new portfolio is built with cyber-resilient architecture and a well-established Root of Trust, making it secure throughout its lifecycle.

  5. Sustainable energy-efficient design: With its distinctively designed chassis, the new servers feature ducted fans and adaptive cooling. This improves efficiency by up to 60% over the servers from previous generation1. 

With workloads becoming more and more complex with time, it is critical for business leaders and IT heads to embrace solutions that help them manage and derive maximum value out of the workloads. If you want to explore how Dell Technologies’ new PowerEdge servers can empower your business to leverage the complete portfolio to take innovation and your business forward, be a part of the grand launch event. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to know about the challenges that organizations face with respect to data, and how it affects businesses; how legacy infrastructure exposes potential threats in an organization; how technology advancements are driving a fundamental change for application, database and infrastructure; and much more. 

Hear it all from panelists - Pravin Srinivasan, Enterprise Sales Leader, ITeS Vertical, Microsoft and Xavier Kurian, Director- Solutions & Alliances, Dell Technologies (@xk127001) along with the moderator Yashvendra Singh, Executive Editor (ETCIO), The Economic Times (@ET_CIO). 

Register now, to discover how your business can navigate the data-driven future. To register for the launch event, click here.

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