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How To Create Effective LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites for B2B businesses. It’s been providing potential clients to businesses for years, and will continue to do so. In fact, in the current pandemic, LinkedIn has arguably become even more popular. It has over 750 million members, including people who own and work for popular and influential firms like Fortune 500 Companies.

Overall, the LinkedIn network has become the most successful network for professional tenacities. In this article, we’re going to show you how you can create effective LinkedIn Ads to reach them. The reputation and targeting options LinkedIn Ads provide makes it a perfect place to connect with potential customers.

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Firstly, let’s go through the types of Ads LinkedIn offers. LinkedIn Ads allows you to produce text ads, dynamic ads, display ads, sponsored InMail, and sponsored content. See more below:
  1. Text ads are the simple yet efficient ads to run on LinkedIn. These ads contain short content, and you can sometimes include a small image.  This ad will be displayed on the right or top part of the screen.
  2. Display ads are normal visual ads that appear on the right side of the main content of LinkedIn.
  3. Dynamic ads appear in the same place as display ads show up. But it uses the personal information of the user to make the ad look personal. For instance, the ad might inform the user when they followed a particular company or joined a particular group.
  4. Sponsored content appears in the regular feeds of the user. Companies can use this ad type to promote content placed on their LinkedIn profiles or somewhere online.
  5. Sponsored InMail takes customised ads further as it allows advertisers to send modified messages on LinkedIn to potential customers. InMails appears when the customer is online and on the go to improve open rates.
Now that you understand the options for ads on LinkedIn, it’s time to learn how to create effective LinkedIn Ads for your business.

Your copy is key

Strong and engaging copy is probably the most significant fact that decides how effective an ad will be. To produce copy that reaches your customers efficiently, you must be able to portray that you understand why the user would benefit from your products or services in a way that keeps them engaged. Don’t use too much industry lingo or language the user won’t understand. This will turn them off.

Target Your Ads

The main benefit of LinkedIn is the level of targeting it allows. On LinkedIn, you can target by job type, industry, skill, groups, company, gender, location, and age. Plus much, much more. 

Add an image or a video

Creatives sell. Add an image or video to your LinkedIn Ads to increase your engagement. Make it stand out, and use the faces of people where possible. High-quality, relevant, and influential images and videos can make the ad look more attractive to your potential audience.

LinkedIn suggests you generate around three ad sets per campaign. You can do more if you like, and/or have the budget. The benefit of producing several ads sets for one campaign is that it allows you to see which version is doing best, and it also helps you get an overview of how to create better ads to attract potential customers in the future.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. LinkedIn Ads, when done well, can be the heart of your marketing, especially if you’re advertising to the B2B sector. Don’t skip it.