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Recover a corrupted Access database with Stellar Repair for Access

I was approached by Stellar to review their newly released version of the Access database repair software. So, I tested the software and here's my review. 

Before we begin, let’s first have a look at the new features introduced in the latest version of the Access repair tool:
  1. Repairs split Access database
  2. Repairs linked tables, attachment data types, etc.
  3. Previews queries, forms, reports, macros, etc.
  4. Supports Office 365, Access 2019, and earlier versions
  5. Supports Windows 11 and older versions
Now let’s talk about Stellar Repair for Access.

Installation & Setup

The software installation process was pretty easy and it took only a few seconds for the process to complete. 

To install the software, visit the Stellar Repair for Access webpage and click the ‘Free Download’ button to download the free demo version of the software. 

Once downloaded, run the exe file. Click the Next button from the setup wizard:

Accept the license agreement and hit Next:

Select the folder where you want to install the application and click the Next button:

Press Next once again:

Would you like to choose additional shortcuts? After selecting an appropriate option, hit the Next button:

The setup is complete, press Install to proceed.

That’s it! The software installation is complete, press Finish to run the software. 

File Corruption

An Access database can become corrupt due to growing ACCDB/MDF file size, malware attack, faulty hardware, and other reasons. I recently encountered corruption in my Access database when my system crashed leaving my MS Access database inaccessible. I tried repairing that database using Access repair software, and it was able to repair the corrupted file following a few simple steps.

Here are the steps that I followed:

I launched the software and it provided Browse and Find options to select the corrupt Access database file (ACCDB/MDB). Since I was aware of the database file location, I clicked Browse to choose the file. 

Once the file was uploaded, clicking the Repair button initiated the Access database repair process. 

A confirmation message opened on successful completion of the repair operation. The software then displayed a preview of the recoverable Access database objects. Preview is a really nice feature that helps verify the accuracy of the data you can recover from the corrupt Access database. I was even able to preview recoverable reports, forms, queries, and all other items.  

What I like about the software is that it generates a log report of the complete repair process. The report include details about the start and end of the Access repair process. Also, it provides information about the objects you can recover from the database like tables, queries, forms, reports, etc.

Recovery of Deleted Records

Stellar Repair for Access software automatically recovers and shows deleted records, in the preview window, after completing the repair process. So, if you have erroneously deleted the records, no need to panic as the Access repair tool has got you covered.

But, one thing that disappointed me was the difficulty I experienced in identifying the deleted records. It took me a few seconds to understand that the records highlighted in bold are the deleted ones. 


Support & Compatibility

The tool can be used to repair a database file of MS Office Access 365, Access 2019, and earlier versions. Also, the tool can work across all the Windows operating system, including Windows 11. 


The software did the job – it repaired a corrupt ACCDB database file and helped retrieve all the data. I loved how simple the software user interface is; it made my job an easier one. The preview feature is useful to validate data accuracy before you shell out your money for the licensed version of the software. 

The recent version claims to repair a split Access database, however, I didn’t had a split database to test the software. So, for now, I have skipped the part. But would definitely share my thoughts and experience of repairing a split database in my next review.