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What are TOP GitHub Marketplace apps?

Today, the number of ready-made plugins, applications, frameworks, and microservices makes IT development way easier. Sometimes developers don’t even need special courses, experience, or equipment to efficiently build applications. And a lot of them are available directly within platforms they use - let’s get deeper into the world of marketplaces. 

GitHub Marketplace

GitHub knows how important it is to offer developers some tools that speed up and ease their work! As a result in 2017, it run GitHub Marketplace, a place where thousands of apps made or compatible with GitHub are available for users to add, use or install. From small browser plugins to huge professional projects - paid or free. Those programs are made by individual developers, big software companies, or even GitHub. Yes, GitHub itself offers some additional tools and projects. Like for example, GitHub Learning Lab. It teaches some useful and practice skills by completing realistic and fun projects. 
But in GitHub Marketplace you will find thousands of tools from different categories, including continuous integration, testing, GitHub security, code review, API management, support and more. 

TOP CI and communication GitHub apps 

Let’s find out more about some TOP GitHub apps. Let’s start with the Continuous Integration category. Well, here we should definitely mention the free Circle CI app and     that is paid for open-source and free for the public. This second one offers way more setting sand configuration options for pipelines and that is why we have to pay for it. 
Well, communication is a very important aspect of development so there is no surprise that Microsoft Teams for GitHub and Slack + GitHub are very widely used. These not only let developers communicate with each other but also display in a definite communication channel or room successful deployment notification or every action that was made in the repository (each new Pull Request for example). Effect? Every developer with access to such a messenger is regularly updated about the project and its progress. 
Let us also pay attention to Imgbot app. It scans repos in search of image files that will then compress without any impact on its quality to save memory and fasten up the application. Such compressed image file is then added as a Pull Request (PR). From this moment it can be handled personally or with some dedicated app. We recommend - Mergify. It creates some rules that accept or reject PRs, including those opened by Imgbot. 

TOP GitHub Security apps

Security is definitely one of the most important categories in GitHub Marketplace. We can find here a lot of reliable software for backup, vulnerabilities prevention, code scanning, secret detection, and more. A good example is GitGuardian - git security scanning and secret detection program. It lets you detect secrets, like credentials, hard-coded in the source code. Actually, keeping passwords and other secrets in repos is a common problem. Such an app comes with a rescue to prevent you from unveiling your credentials and as a result - the entire source code. 
But there are many reasons for data loss - even from repositories. Intentional or not human error, service downtime, cyberattack, disaster… - just to mention some of them. Source code, just like files on your computer, needs reliable repository backup and recovery software. Like GitProtect.io Backup which automates the backup of your repositories and metadata and let you recover them from any point in time - https://gitprotect.io/github.html. And it is available in GitHub Marketplace so implementation and configuration is a piece of cake. You just need to do is to set up a free trial in Marketplace to connect your organization and run automatic backups. Then you will stay up to date with audit logs, dashboard statistics, and email or Slack notifications. If needed, you can easily restore all or chosen repositories and metadata from any point in time in the intuitive central management console. In short: set it, forget it and just stay up to date. It’s that easy.