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The Newest Tech Trends Dominating The Events Industry

Live events are evolving rapidly thanks to the latest tech trends. For example, CES 2022, the largest and most influential tech event in the world, was recently held as a hybrid show with digital experiences for remote attendees provided alongside in-person exhibitions for the first time ever. Thanks to recent innovations like facial recognition, robotic bartenders, and wearable tech, live events are changing like never before.

Facial recognition check-ins 

Facial recognition is transforming the world of events with quicker and more secure check-ins for both attendees and staff alike. Facial recognition is essential biometric software used to create a “facial fingerprint” from a person’s photo, which can then be used to correctly identify that person during event check-ins. The biggest advantage of this tech is the elimination of long queues; all attendees need to do is look into a camera and they can be checked-in in a matter of mere seconds. 

Robotic bartenders 

Robotic bartenders can mix and pour drinks at the press of a button with no need for bar staff at a variety of events. For example, the Barsys 2.0 is an innovative new robotic cocktail-making machine. After loading the machine with five spirits and three mixers, the Barsys app is then used to select your cocktail of choice. Barsys makes and pours your drink with the ability to make hundreds of different cocktails according to your personal preferences. Robotic bartenders are also a particularly popular choice for weddings. For example, they can be programmed to create drinks using the bride and groom’s favorite liquors and ingredients to create a more meaningful and personalized event. Cocktail’s can even be named after the bride, groom, or guests for an extra fun touch. 

Immersive events 

Immersive events are becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to participate in events remotely while still feeling like they’re actually there in-person. The metaverse, for example, involves using online tools to interact in a shared, 3D digital space with other people remotely. Owo, a Spanish technology start-up, have designed a wireless jacket that uses haptic technology to connect the wearer to the metaverse. When wearing the vest along with VR glasses, the user experiences the same physical movements and sensations as their digital avatar. 

The newest tech innovations are transforming the world of live events. Facial recognition, robotic bartenders, and immersive events are some of the latest trends dominating the industry.