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Channels in the Gem4me Messenger: How to start and develop a successful blog?

Channels in messengers – a popular source of information between users which has become a full-fledged media with unique content and its own returning readers. Such media can be created by anyone, while in the future when the channel reaches a certain number of subscribers it can also be monetized.

However, creating a popular channel is quite difficult and requires effort - not only due to the need to create content, but also due to a high level of competition. Numerous popular channels covering various topics already exist, while in order to develop their own channel and gain a large number of subscribers the creator must not just generate interesting and enticing publications for the audience, but also do so better than the majority of channels covering the same topic. Further, it is worth considering that such competition happens mostly within messengers. Therefore, it is crucial to create a channel in a messenger that offers the most favorable conditions for the launch. 

Being First – the Foundation of Success

It is much more effective to develop a channel in a messenger in which there are still available informational niches with the application itself having a wide grasp of the audience. Such an opportunity is provided by the Gem4me messenger. Gem4me is an international messenger in which users from a broad range of countries communicate with one another, it’s user base is continuously growing. Moreover, Gem4me is not just a messenger, it is an ecosystem in which, apart from common communication, users can exchange files, create their own channels, publish articles and translate them with the help of the built-in translator to 17 languages, sell and purchase products and services on the platform’s own marketplace – MarketSpace.

With channels in the messenger being developed mutually with the messenger’s own user base growing, one can take advantage of this vital stage and create their own channel to become a leader in chosen topics for the vast audience. At the stage when the number of channels is not too high just yet, users have the opportunity to pay closer attention to new channels, familiarize themselves with content, remember the particular channel and even become a subscriber. The growth in the amount of views and subscribers will occur organically due to the continuous inflow of new users of the application, as well as, support of new channels by the development team: the main page of the channels section promotes not only large and popular channels, but also interesting public channels receive their spotlight and are able to meet ne readers as the result. 

Structure and Variety of Channels in Gem4me

Let’s review how channels in the Gem4me ecosystem are in further detail.

When a user accesses the “Channels” section he or she is met with a list of all the channels that they are subscribed to. In case that is the first time a user’s accesses the section they proceed to search right away. Channels can be searched by name or keywords, as well as a user can launch the catalogue of channels. 

The catalogue is conveniently structured. A desired category can be selected, for instance: news, blogs, IT and technologies, entertainment, science and education, music, beauty and wellness, sports, games, arts, photography and much more. 
Furthermore, one can follow the recommendations of channels from various brackets. 
The “Don’t miss these channels” section highlights new channels with interesting content and channels that are worth checking out. English-speaking channels have their own separate category – this section is called “Best in English”. 
The “Most popular channels” section speaks for itself. This section presents the most successful and popular channels with a large number of subscribers. Popular channels are distinguished by various categories: news, humor, culinary, sports, yoga and others. 
The «Recommended channels” section is formed individually based on a user’s interests and it can include channels from a wide range of categories. 
Additionally, the “Fastest growing channels” section will introduce users to channels that attract the most buzz and attention from the audience due to the quality content and their number of subscribers growing most rapidly. These can be both brand new channels and channels with significant following. Therefore, new and interesting channels have the opportunity to reach the main page and gain the spotlight. 

Creating Articles

Gem4me offers a convenient and user-friendly interface for creating articles. This is a complete functionality for preparing materials for publication in one’s channel. Articles allow adding images, editing headings and the body, save drafts and etc. Such an article, generated fully within a messenger can be promptly published in one’s public channel. This is yet another advantage of the ecosystem – a user does not have the need to write the text in a separate program and then adapt it for posting. Everything can be done within one infrastructure. 

How to Start Hosting a Channel 

Initial launch – is always the most challenging stage in any endeavor. Numerous decisions need to be made, and most importantly, the first step needs to be implemented. Initially, in order to launch an own channel it is enough to choose a desired topic, establish a plan of content and generate the publishing timeframes.  In case the chosen topic is of much interest and expertise to the author – the content will most definitely attract like-minded followers with similar interests. 
Gem4me offers the ability to launch a channel to everyone with no limitations. It is best not to delay the launch if you are ready to host your own channel. There is still time to take leading positions in various information niches and gain broad coverage due to the multi-million user base of the application.