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What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) ?

Currently, more and more online projects are connecting their platforms to CDN. This is true when a site is an active tool for sales or the company's image, and a lot depends on its functioning.

When a visitor arrives at your site, he is served content from the nearest servers. CDN global delivers web and video content quickly and reliably. This makes it much faster.

CDNs with static content hosting

The dissemination of static content served as the foundation for the creation of CDN networks. These are the elements of your web platform that will not change. These include images, CSS styles, scripts, and fonts used on the site. It is more efficient when a visitor receives these files from the server closest to him. But in reality, this effect is not so great and is only noticeable for web platforms with an audience from different regions. Most sites will not experience significant speedups. Therefore, such CDNs are gradually fading into history, although some still continue to work according to this model.

Next-generation technology with dynamic content caching

These are far more appealing CDN channels, capable of storing and retrieving both static and moving content. Interactive content is the site pages themselves, its HTML code. It is not static, it can change during the operation of the site. As a result, each visitor has to wait until the CMS generates the page, which naturally takes time. Despite the fact that the page is the same for everyone until some changes have occurred. It would be great if you could cache the entire page and instantly serve it to visitors from the cache! And when changes occur, automatically update the cache, and continue to instantly give the page to visitors. Yes, and from the server closest to them.

Other technology benefits

When caching, CDN networks also optimize content, that is, they effectively compress it. Images, styles, scripts, fonts, and in some CDNs and HTML code are subjected to compression. Because the weight of the elements to be loaded is reduced, the site loads even faster.
G-Core Labs offers various CDNs that differ not only in functionality but also in a number of other important parameters, namely:
  1. coverage, availability of servers in regions of interest;
  2. quality and efficiency of technical support;
  3. price;
  4. difficulty setting up the service.
Using the technology, visitors receive data from the CDN network cache, while the load on the hosting server is greatly reduced, which allows it to fulfill requests faster.