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At #DellTechForum 2023: A Potpourri of Cutting-edge Innovations & Intelligence

Once again, the annual Dell Tech Forum is here, packed with sessions full of promises, potentials, and possibilities. If information is king, I believe this is where the dukes of tech enthusiasts, IT decision-makers, and tech-savvy leaders come to soak up the wisdom. 

Getting a glimpse into how Dell Technologies is fuelling India's journey towards digital adoption. 

Like every year, eminent Dell Leaders dazzled the Forum with fascinating figures and findings. It started with keynote sessions, led by Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director of Dell Technologies India, and Allison Dew, Chief Marketing Officer of Dell Technologies

During the session, Mr. Ohrie elaborated on insightful facts about India's growth story and Dell’s contributions to it. The leader took us through the ways Dell Technologies has been empowering organizations and the government alike to drive innovations and address all the challenges coming along the way. 

Learning about new technologies, like the liquid immersion technology leveraging which, Dell built a green data center for fintech major PhonePe, was really a unique experience. It was also enthralling to know how the company has empowered the government of India to build the GST platform and appliances and accelerated digital adoption across the country and industries through co-creation and co-innovation. 

However, what I found the most exciting part of the entire discussion was the tech behemoth’s steadfast focus on various social areas through close collaboration with government institutions and NGOs, with the aim to build the future workforce. 

Rising to unsolved challenges posed by technology.

The session led by Allison Dew, Chief Marketing Officer of Dell Technologies was very rewarding. In the session, the speaker brought a wealth of knowledge and insights into today's ever-evolving world of technology. Highlighting the innovation index, Ms. Dew dived deep into the “big five unsolved challenges of technology” in the areas of AI, multicloud, edge, work, and security — that could hinder an organization’s innovation ability. 

It was a privilege for me to witness how Dell is paving the way for organizations to rise to all these five challenges through its breadth of tech offerings in all these areas. I am an avid reader of Generative AI, which is now disrupting the business world. So, obviously, I got hooked when Mr. Manish Gupta, Vice President at Dell Technologies delved into Project Helix, Dell's GenAI models that are hyper-customized to business needs. For any organization aiming to harness Generative AI on its terms within its privacy and security requirements, Project Helix, along with a broad range of AI-enabling infrastructure solutions from Dell, is a good fit. 

Besides, I found the product, Dell NativeEdge, quite intriguing too. It is a first-of-its-kind edge operations software platform built to help enterprises scale their edge simply and securely. 

The ball of insights and excitement has just started rolling at #DellTechForum 2023, here in Bangalore and more is yet to come. I am eager to soak up the breadth of knowledge in the forthcoming sessions. 

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