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Tech Quark ! New Design is Now Live !

Techquark.com has just been hit with a new design and some brand new features. The new design is white background based and gives more room to the posts contents. The advertisements are properly arranged and align so that they don't hinder the reading experience. The post pages also have a new 'sharing is sexy' option to bookmark posts.

I have also introduced Google Friend Connect feature where you can follow my blog. You can find it at bottom of the site. Features like post summaries, subscribe via email, menu bars, top labels, go to top link, blog achieve and other many features have defined a presence in this new rocking design. The new design loads fast and looks good :)

Please notify us of any bugs or improvements.

Full Test of New Design

No.Tested CriteriaPointPassFail
1Template Support Available2
2Compatible with IE71
3Compatible with Firefox1
4Floating Content within post area1
5Auto adjustment within the post area1
6Proper Image Alignment1
7Proper Display of Commenting System1
8Proper Display of Links and Quick Editing1
9Proper Display of Blog Archive and Followers Gadget1

Total10 pts10 pts

Design Score100%

Please pour in your feedback on what you think of the new Tech Quark ! and if it was something better we could have done – We’d love to know.

Thank You for your efforts, inputs and patience.