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TravelCard : The Smartphone Charger That Fits In Your Wallet!

I am always worried about my dad when it comes to his mobile. He uses a cellphone whose battery is always drained out, not mainly because it’s a dead battery cellphone but my father travels a lot and it is not always convenient for him to charge the cellphone or even keep a spare battery.

To find a solution to this problem I googled and stumbled upon TravelCard, it seemed a perfect solution to my problem and I quickly ordered one for my dad. Let’s have a look what it is and what it does.

TravelCard is a mobile charger that fits into your wallet. Yes, you read it right, it’s a credit card size charger that you can keep in your wallet and charge your device on the go. It can charge iPhone via lightening option and other devices via usb option. The idea behind this invention if of GoDesign Company, it has been listed on kick starter and had already met the required funding.

The battery problem of the smart phones was the key motivator behind putting forward this idea. Most of the smart phones have battery that hardly lasts a day and getting a power source each time the battery goes low is quite difficult at times. Thus keeping a emergency portable charger handy will be quite useful.

There are a number of portable chargers available in the market but what Travel Card sets apart from is its credit card size unlike other bulky chargers. It is 4.77 mm in thickness and available in Sapphire Blue, Silver, Black and White colors. The body is made of aircraft aluminum thus shedding off extra weight and managing to be of 56.7 grams. It charges the phone such that it gives up to 5 hours of talk time, 4.5 hours of internet usage and 98 hours of standby time while itself it takes around 75 minutes to get charged.

For an iPhone and other Android/Windows phone you need to buy a separate TravelCard. It is priced at $45+$10 which comes approximately to Rs. 3000 if shipped outside US.

Also, TravelCard has been tested by Apple Inc. and same have been approved. The final version is to be submitted to Apple by April 2014, and the product is expected to be launched in May 2014.

Do checkout this awesome charger and it will surely eliminate your mobile charging problems. If you like this project, contribute to the concept.