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[Giveaway] WinX DVD Copy Pro – Backup DVD to DVD, ISO Image or MPEG2

Do you have a DVD collection on a shelf of your favorite movies or TV series and want to back up those old DVDs? Or rather, you have a few scratched DVD and would like to clone it? Some of you, might have already tried your hands on various DVD tools, but are you content with the performance, quality or conversion? Well, if you can relate to any of the above concerns, it is time to try a much stable environment. This blog is about WinX DVD Copy Pro, a one-stop solution to all your needs of cloning and copying DVD to DVD, DVD to ISO Image, a product of Digiarty, a leading producer of a wide range of multimedia software since 2006.

WinX DVD Copy Pro Features 

1) Full DVD to DVD Backup

1:1 Cloning of DVD to blank DVD disks is available for safe storage and quality retention. Few copy options are D9 to D9 (8.5 GB), D5 to D5 (4.7 GB) or cloning media DVD to blank DVD DVD-/+R (DL), DVD-/+RW (DL), DVD RAM. The quality while cloning a DVD is retained due to its functionality of copy-by-sector mode. This functionality supports scratched DVD as well as bad sector and preserves original DVD quality by skipping the bad sectors of old DVD.

If the DVDs are copy protected, you can select one or all the options that suits your requirement of removing vCPs and CSS encryption.  Chose the number of sectors to be removed and run the “Clone to Clone” DVD for 12-17 minutes and your excellent quality DVD copy will be ready to be used.

2) DVD to ISO/Video_TS Folder

DVDs can be converted to ISO images or VIDEO_TS folder while preserving menus, subtitles, and
languages, in lesser time and providing better results. Further, an all-inclusive solution to copying a DVD is provided by cloning it into a DVD, backing it up to ISO file or copying a DVD to VIDEO_TS folder.

More, you can copy DVD to single MPEG 2 file, or copy the DVD chapter, extract the subtitle video/audio only.

3) Bypass DVD Region Code

WinX DVD Copy Pro provides accessibility to all DVDs. It has compatibility with Region Codes, CSS, RCE, UOPs, Sony ARccOS and Disney X-project DRM tricks.

Digital rights management controls the DVD content, its release date and price by the distributors using DVD Region code. This region code limits the usage of DVD in different region, for instance, the DVDs in UK region code can’t be played in different countries. WinX DVD Pro Copy allows you to play region code DVDs by removing DVD region - 1,2,3,4,5,6; unlock and remove region codes for USA, Australia, Japan, Europe and others in either NTSC or PAL format by using this best DVD copy software.

4) Repair Corrupted/ Bad Sectors

For most old DVDs, we always meet the problems that the DVDs are scratched or has the bad sectors. With the advanced bad sector recover engine of WinX DVD Copy Pro, it can sector-by-sector repairs corrupted sectors and back up old scratched DVDs.

The average CPU cost of the whole DVD copy process is less than 1%. This source efficient process thus produces high quality 1:1 DVD copy within 12-17 minutes.

WinX DVD Copy Pro User Guide – DVD to DVD

  1. Visit WinX DVD Copy Pro Giveaway page, download and activate the full version of this DVD backup tool.

  2. Insert the source DVD and launch WinX DVD Copy Pro.

  3. Select Clone DVD to DVD option.

  4. Select Source DVD and Target DVD Burner.

  5. DVD disc will be automatically detected, if not, click the browse button to chose the disc.
    Make sure that the temp destination has 9 GB or more vacant space.

  6. Click Run to start the Process and Burn files.
Notes : 
  1. For single DVD RW Drive VD content will be backed up to a temp folder and then a Blank DVD should be inserted and post which “Burn” option can be used to complete the process.

  2. For multiple drives, right click “Burn” to finish copying DVD to DVD disc.

WinX DVD Copy Pro is the best DVD copying software in the market with easy to use interface and powerful features for all your needs. This Christmas let WinX be your Secret Santa and enjoy all benefits of the best DVD copying software. WinX DVD Copy Pro brings you the special offer, you can enter the giveaway and win a licensed copy of the software. Sounds awesome, right? So head over to their giveaway page and say goodbye to all your DVD copying woes.