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JD.com: Protecting The Future

Recognized as China's leading service provider in retail infrastructure and e-commerce company, JD.com was presented with the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. Given to companies that place an emphasis on creating technological solutions to the most complex problems, JD.com is now considered to have officially joined the ranks of other top worldwide companies that place corporate responsibility above all else.

In receiving the award, Jingdong has been recognized not only for its commitment to corporate responsibility on various levels, but also for its commitment to environmental causes, social innovation, and much more. With more and more companies today striving to become more aware of environmental impacts and ways to make themselves more relevant in terms of social issues and innovation, winning an award such as this can be difficult to accomplish. In the case of Jingdong, it shows the company has trained its CSR team to not only be aware of these issues, but has also allowed this team to create, foster, and implement various types of programs that focus extensively on sustainable development.

Having worked over the past five years to create this program, Jingdong now has a company initiative in place that begins with the creation of a product, then moves forward into packaging, sale, and delivery as well. In doing so, it is then able to create a program that is positive and sustainable from a societal and environmental perspective.

As a recipient of the SEAL Business Sustainability Award, Richard Liu has now joined an array of other distinguished and well-known companies around the world. These include Nike, Apple, Samsung, and many others that have put forth the effort necessary to transform themselves into leaders in innovation and technology. As more and more companies have discovered in recent years, consumers as well as business partners now insist on conducting a company's business in ways that are more conducive to not only making the environment a much better place, but also the lives of customers as well.

With business analytics and metrics playing a much bigger role in how companies conduct themselves in today's world, Jingdong has chosen to take this approach in many new and innovative directions. According to company executives, the company should not only be recognized for what it can do in the business world, but also what it can do to alleviate many of the world's major problems, including poverty, environmental protection, and improving education. In doing so, it shows how the company takes its commitments seriously, and also shows a fundamental belief that various measures should be taken to help as many people as possible.

As an example of its commitment to the environment and society, Jingdong has recycled over 400,000 toys and more than 1 million pieces of clothing throughout 47 of China's largest cities. As a result, the company has taken an active leadership role among not only Chinese companies, but also companies around the world.

By taking such an active leadership role in this area of business, Jingdong has been able to use the leverage of its large customer base and logistics network to help people from all walks of life. In continuing to look for ways in which technology can be used to protect the environment and help as many people as possible, Jingdong can continue to make a variety of significant contributions to many of society's most pressing areas. Whether it is environmental causes, poverty, education, or disaster relief, JD.com expects to continue expanding its role as one of the world's leading companies. In doing so, it will show other companies how the path to success can be achieved.